I did it again. This will be the third time I have decorated for the fundraiser at the Unitarian Universalist church we belong to in Easton, MD.

Service auction 20131-001

And this year the theme was Harvest Hoedown.

And so I took inspiration from my jaunts on Pinterest and made the requisite pennants for the ceiling.

brighter pennants and lights

My husband’s lighting company provided the Fete lights.

badana, penants, and lights

And I conceived of the gigantic bandana as a backdrop for the auctioneers.

black and white and red

Beth and Emily were fabulous auctioneers.

Centerpiece service auction

Hay bales, pumpkins. 21 yards of burlap, cornstalks, and other props were used.

all pennants

This was one of the easier events to decorate because the design was spot on and simple.

b and w and red curtain

Big bang, little bucks. Happy with the design and the outcome of the auction surpassed expectations. Everyone was happy.

(I have tutorial pictures I took but cat’s out of the bag now. Unless you really wanna know.)


  1. Really awesome Shalagh. Love how you faded some of the pics to black and white with only the red of the bandanas popping. Truly truly a wonderful set. That centerpiece is show-stopping. I am glad the outcome surpassed expectations. They are supremely lucky to have you on their fundraising team.

    • Thanks sis! I’m pretty pleased. And I was glad to have somewhere to play and grow my confidence in event decorating and tree trimming. Because that’s next on the decorating agenda.

  2. Nancy Sawyer Reply

    I’m in awe and jealous at the same time. You the best Shalagh!!

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