Anxieties and allerg have them too on Shalavee.comies you probably

There are two things I’m certain the majority of the population is afflicted with and yet are in complete denial about. Anxieties and allergies. (Well there’s one more but I’m saving that for next week.} These two had me down and out both mentally and physically for many years with no help to ease the symptoms because I completely ignored them. You can’t get help for something your either sure you don’t have or haven’t been diagnosed with.

In the case of my allergies, it took chronic sinus infections and me on my knees praying to higher powers to go see the specialist that would eventually lead me to the cure. But I had to admit that I was powerless against what my body was doing unless my mind comprehended it. Same for all the other mysterious aches and ailments that over the past five years, I’ve had looked at and had treated. I am currently receiving shots once a month in both arms with a serum developed specifically for me to decrease my allergies to things like mold and maple trees.  I continue to do the most I can to treat this very common problem.

Anxieties and allerg have them too on Shalavee.comies you probably

Like allergies, the prevalence of anxieties is no surprise. It’s the number one mental health affliction. It just probably isn’t something you or your loved ones are dealing with or have any problems with, thank you very much. Never ever. Back when I was diagnosed with low self-esteem, the thought of myself as “less than” made me think I’d die. We do not want to embrace our “weaknesses” because that would leave us open to attack, ridicule, and ostracization right? Weakness of this sort belongs to other people, not us ! Better to just say “I’m fine, we’re fine, he’s fine, and they’re fine”, than own the feelings that we are certain are bound to find us out in the cold fending for ourselves outside the camp compound walls.

Except, if we have anxieties, and a majority of the population truly does, then our admission of what we are experiencing might help someone else too. And that’s the healing power of being real and of ownership for ourselves. We don’t owe anyone as much as ourselves the opportunity to heal and move on from where we are stuck through our honesty. Once I really started to work on my anxieties through cognitive therapy, I heard from many people having a similar struggle. I found a method that worked really well for me yet I had to first claim it as mine to then choose ways to deal with it. Is there anything that you may want to claim and get help for today?

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  1. My husband suffered from allergies and chronic sinus infections for years before a naturopath recommended testing him for food sensitivities. He had a lot of sensitivities, but revamping his diet cured the problem. He had been on special shots, expensive nasal meds with allergists for years… he tried everything and none of the “conventional” treatments worked.

    1. The to keep working it until it works. But you have to admit there’s a problem first. Your husband takes a licking and keeps on ticking doesn’t he?

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