I’m generally a pretty positive person. But the edge you see every once in a while, it’s still me. Only edgier. I’m overdue for an annoyances list post so here’s my most recent rant of pet peeves that have bugged me since my last rant.

I’m irked by the insincerity of peppy positive people saying “You’ve got this”. I’m flattered that you want to act like you believe in me but you don’t know me. And if you don’t know me then you are not allowed to have faith in my abilities. I don’t always have this faith. Sometimes I do but I’ll tell you when I’ve got this, OK?

And equally, from a while back, the overused snarky, ”Just saying” always implies judgement which, once said, can’t be taken back by uttering this phrase. It ranks up there with my now deceased Grandmother’s “Well bless her heart” which always meant there was a judgement coming about how pathetic whoever it was whose heart needed blessing was.

Frozen wasn’t a very good movie. I just watched Tangled and it was waayy better. But any and all the over-hyped merchandise pushing movie campaigns are annoying. Especially the Disney empire because the sad hypocrisy is that the Disney company, according to the wishes of the now deceased Mr. Walt Disney himself, is anti family health coverage. No, their employes do not automatically have their families covered ever. They should consider themselves lucky to be employed. Um, hypocrites.

me and my shadow man from Shalavee.com

And lastly, those posts/emails that command you to chain mail forward them or else. Or else you’ll befall bad luck. Or else you won’t be showing solidarity with the women folk. Or else you won’t receive ten recipes that you will be forever glad to have. I don’t like threats. Or online blackmail. And I will probably never forward it to ten of my closest women friends so please avoid me when you send those out. I still love ya’ K?

OK. Now I feel better. Hostilities purged and ready to continue to spread good cheer to humanity as usual. Thanks for listening. And please feel free to share your own irksome acknowledgements in the comments. Husband gave me a couple and they were good ones. Perhaps we’ll hear them from him in his own words?

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  1. I use just sayin a lot, always in a joking way usually accompanied with a crazy picture. I’ll try to remember to keep my peppy positivity to myself! (But you really do “got this”) sorry couldn’t help myself! And as a multiple trip to disney person, I agree frozen a not my fav, loved tangled but loved brave even more! Luckily lots to choose from so you don’t have to watch just one! (Mother/daughter relationships.) since I just saw gaurdian of the Galaxy action figures and joe got the soundtrack for Christmas, lots of movies and tv shows do it. I can’t speak of disney a health care, but as the wife of a small business owner it can be complicated and not always what it seems to the public eye. They certainly have a lot of very kind, pleasant employees. And as a make a wish mom who’s daughter picked disney they go far beyond the norm for special needs kids and families.
    If I were to make a peppy positive comment which I feel compelled to do, I’d say hide frozen, get a tea, this too shall pass! (Whatever it is, it will pass)

    1. Loved Brave Leslie. I was so blown away that Disney finally did the right thing with a mother relationship. I cry every time I see it. Mark and Eamon loved Guardians. In fact much Disney stuff is dear to me. Mark worked for ABC which got bought by Disney. It was really not impressive. We had access to free Disneyworld tickets for many years. And of course I’d take my kids. But never forgetting that it’s a business. That the magic that happens is the same as when you create the wonder of Christmas for children. It’s you dear woman that has been responsible for the wonderment and safety of that bubble. And it’s never about the merchandising. That was my thought. The people who work to give special needs children something that makes them so happy are the magic makers. I love love love that you are a happy person and you did an immense job raising your girls to be lovely young women. You are the magic. As for me, it’s a ruse you know. I am one of those obnoxiously happy hopeful people too. I just like to shake the cage and point out insincerity every once and a while.
      Love You Much,

  2. As a fellow “positive speaker” if not positive thinker, I find it difficult to not try to be encouraging to people. However, because I am generally positive and “up” it seems folks can’t
    accept that I might be “down” and not feel as capable as they
    perceive I am. So, I get what you are saying about “You’ve got this.”

    I’m trying to figure out what to say to folks when we are departing from each other, something more than “bye.” I like
    “take care” but that is used so often it starts to lose it’s
    sense of sincerity. Ah! insincerity is one of my biggest
    pet peeves.

    I’ll end there, but will continue to think on things that I do
    that might “bug” others. One of my daughters just dumped some
    on me so I have to think if I want to change them or not. Though
    she is fully an adult, what she is complaining about is part of
    my parenting.

    Anyway Happy New Year!

    1. Oh Ann, you hit the real nail on the head with insincerity. That doesn’t surprise me that my fellow Virgo feels the same. As to your daughter, I find all answers are somewhere in between. Solutions and truths lie there. Shades of gray. There’s a saying,
      “Say what you mean, Mean what you say, But don’t say it mean.” Acknowledging feelings (wince) and owning only what you truly know may be yours. I will be there one day dear Ann.
      Happy New Year and Toodle Loo!!!

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