If you have been with me for a short time or a long, reading my stories of my journey and milestones towards increased self-esteem and awareness, you will know that this doesn’t happen in a vacuum. There are many people who have inspired me and encouraged me along the way. And it is this dynamic that I want to extoll today.

Were it not for the many women out there who have simply, or at length, told their story, or even a part of their story, in a way that I discerned that there was more for me than where I was, I wouldn’t have moved.

An Ode to the Women Who Have Shared Before Me on Shalavee.com

I had to see and feel into the possibilities of what my life might be if it felt easier, if I liked myself a little more, or if I let go of one belief and replaced it with another. These many women that I have encountered doing their soul work were like steppingstones over rivers I didn’t imagine even existed.

As they described their journeys and details, I found I could imagine myself feeling and doing in ways I had never thought possible. I used what they gave me and began intuiting the life that I knew would be right for me. And I progressed.

I owe so much gratitude to all these women for being brave enough to put details of their journeys out so that I may read and pull from them what I needed to create my own. Together we are creating an inukshuk, a guide post created from all of our stories for the young women of the future. And I know how grateful they will feel.

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