Why do we not allow for the learning? We get so impatient that stuff isn’t happening fast enough.  Do we expect our children to ride a bike the first time they put their butts on the seat? Nope. And yet we have no patience with ourselves when we can not master something immediately.

Two years ago, I had a three-hour layover while my son attended his half day Lego camp at a local college.  And I decided that I would take my laptop into the library and spend those three hours investigating WordPress and my new blog site dashboard.

By the end of those three hours, I felt way more confident about how to navigate the mechanics of a computer website/blog. And I realized a lesson children already know.

You have to give yourself time to play and thus to learn.

We somehow expect immediate results from things we haven’t spent time learning and then become frustrated and angry because we have even more other stuff yet to get to.

And there’s the rub. Because if we allowed ourselves the cushion of time to play and learn, we would then feel the awesomeness of accomplishment that follows. I performed all my amazing blogging feats only because I took the time to look them up and practice them. And make the space to get better and learn. My writing, parenting, and cooking have all benefited from this space.

What do you want to get the time to do or master that you are not allowing the time for? Set a timer and allow 15 minutes or a half hour and see what happens. Expectation free.

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