Do you find it easy to slip into discontentment? To feel ill at ease with the world and be thrown off track? To see everything that’s wrong within your house, room, or life and feel overwhelmed?

There’s just one suggestion I’ve got to counteract that feeling. Feel grateful. Get solid and humble with your gratitude.

Deeply love the people in your life with all you might. Your loved ones, your friends, and even strangers. Forgive them for the stupid choices they made this week. Forgive their fears. And appreciate them for the sense of belonging they’ve given you. Know that they’re equally grateful to have the authentic you in their lives as well.

Your world asks for the truest most honest and authentic self you can give. So, tell your fear masking itself as discontent to buzz off and grab two handfuls of gratitude.

And allow it to change your life. And pass the recipe on.

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