A Return to a Devotion to My Writing

I’ve been dancing with my purpose for a very long time. Writing a blog consistently for 13 years seemed like I was fulfilling my purpose. And for a little while, it felt right but life interrupted me. Raising children, suffering trauma, and a general lack of self-confidence intervened, and I could do nothing more but just keep writing, never promoting.

Having my words be read and responded to in a way that is satisfying for both the reader and the writer? This requires more of me.

To give myself permission to make my writing a real goal and to commit to a life that supports my writing instead of stuffing it into the spaces where the rest of my life is not? I need courage plus more and different choices than the ones I’ve been making. And I need to know I’m worth that effort.

Taking my writing seriously requires me to choose to devote real time and interest in hearing what I have to say and regularly showing up creates this dynamic. At the beginning of the year, I scheduled Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 10:30 to 2pm as my Writing/Creative time. This makes my efforts non-negotiable.

When I stay true to my word to myself and stay curious about where this might lead me, I’m allowed to step forward from there with a possibility of thriving in my future. All this is doable and the trick is baby steps. Making the 1% change to your lifestyle and your every day choices and routines.

I saw what I wanted and I made the changes in other areas of my life. I wanted to both start hormone replacement and send my daughter to a private school so I dropped my healthcare for the year. Both goals have been achieved. I wanted to get out of debt and become financially literate and I have made great strides toward that in my Dow Janes program.

The future life I want requires me to be both clever and to do the work. And lastly, it also asks that I prioritize myself by setting up boundaries around when and where I am writing so that I’m undisturbed, a thing my family is still getting used to. And that I do everything within my capabilities to keep myself resourced, not anxious and safe within my life and my body, and returning myself to my para-sympathetic nervous system with devotion.

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  1. Wow, I hope this works out for you as well or better than you expect. I look forward to your progress!!

    1. Thank you! I’m 6 months into changes from choices I made before the new year. First i chose, then I shifted and planned, now I’m enjoying my efforts. And I start again on new stuff everyday. Cycles are perpetually starting and ending. Keep your eyd on me and I’ll show you this is true.

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