Mark and I had an opportunity to steal away for a lunch date this weekend. Our son was at a reunion for a Summer Leadership Workshop Camp at UMBC (University of Maryland Baltimore County) and our daughter was still hanging out after a sleepover with her surrogate sister.

A Date with My Husband and A Visit to the City on

We miss our hometown and our old neighborhood of Hampden in Baltimore. And I randomly opened my phone on Google Maps and saw a restaurant calling itself a “trucksteraunt’ and I was done. I got to ride up through my city along the Jones Falls, an old river under the city. I adore the old stone mills and houses and graffiti.

A Date with My Husband and A Visit to the City on

We pulled up to the unassuming restaurant that is actually a funky little building with the kitchen in the food truck ! Gypsy’s trucksteraunt is as cute as it could be. There was a little stove and a lounge ares with a stuffed life-size cat on a chair. But I was super wowed by the bottle wall between the two spaces. I am a sucker for fun design.

The food and bar menu were funky and fun. The service people were lovely and we weren’t misled by the recommendation to choose the house specialties. I had fries and pulled pork in a waffle cone. And I can not kidding when I say it was junk food heaven meant to be eaten out of the cone on the street. Because Gypsy’s takes the meat to the street. And Mark’s Korean Fried Chicken was chicken nuggets on some fun spiced cabbage atop the hand cut fries with aoli inside the actual ice cream waffle cone, sweet and yummy.

A Date with My Husband and A Visit to the City on

The date was such a yummy success. I miss the days of adventures with my husband and this was close to our old life but new to us. And then a quick drive through the old hood revealed much has changed. Many more hip shops and boutiques and eateries. It makes me happy and sad. Happy for the residents, sad that we no longer can enjoy the hipster hang outs of the city.

A Date with My Husband and A Visit to the City on

I rushed into an antiques shop and grabbed a couple trinkets to remember our journey and then we were off to gather up our children via highways and byways and take them home. I was so happy that all of us went our separate ways that day to find out about who we are in the world without one another.

I miss the city terribly sometimes but I also know that one day, we may return more often when our children are bigger. For now I can only enjoy a rare jaunt into it to remember. And see it with new eyes.

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    1. It was stunning Mala. I took note of how they used chains through the bottles and the bottles were spray painted in a very specific color palette. Lovely!

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