I realize that recently, I’ve been holding on and out, holding my breath for a shift. It’s as if I’m perpetually hoping for “the shift”. The change of perspective and vision for my future, my purpose, my calling. Like waiting for an appearance from God, I want to hear the beat of my drums. Waiting for the inspired high sign that I’ve got this.

I see all the people who are banging their drums to their own beat. They believe in their insights, in their truths, and in their paths for which they’ve got a trick , a solution to life. They’ve discovered something that sets them on fire. That makes them want to get up and go everyday And I want that too.

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I am holding an open channel for that beat but I still don’t feel like it has happened. I’ve had countless epiphanies in my life but none I feel that have been earth shaking. Realizations that say, start here with this amazingness. Spread THIS out to people. Or even, “fake this until you make this”.

So I sit back and I await my inspiration. I expect to be legitimized any day by a sight I had yet to see. Until then, I await the shazam moment and cross my fingers that I might be blessed with it today.

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