(Here’s is a story I lived during the holiday rush and then had no time to publish. But it could just as well be today without the Christmas details. If you had to send out a million cards and buy and wrap presents in bulk all year long. Then it totally be all the time. Not. Christmas is just a burden… and a joy.)

The extra holiday to do list gummed up my gears last week. I have all the stuff I usually have to do to keep my kids alive and my house and mind aligned. And then you add a full on special event plan in the middle of all of it for the month of December and the brain bogs down And then it starts to hiccup.

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Last week I had a grocery list that started with Milk. It got added to and then I hurriedly hit the store to go shopping. And of course, wouldn’t you know, I forgot to get the milk. I wasn’t mad at myself as I have learned to almost expect these errors but that milk is still a primary ingredient in raising the little one.

So, the same day, I needed to mail the Christmas cards out and a special birthday card so we strolled up to the post office figuring I’d grab the milk at the Farm Store and lucky me, the toddler fell asleep in the stroller too. I cruise home, put the child in the crib, put the milk in the fridge, and go on about doing my laundry with the self satisfied feeling you get when you accomplish the card thing.

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Two days letter, darned if that special birthday card didn’t show back up in my mailbox without postage. While I was telling the post office ladies my milk story, buying stamps and sticking them onto the Christmas cards, and buying and addressing the mailing envelope for the card, I’d neglected to purchase the postage.

Two steps forward, one step back. At least you end up having moved up a step. And your only option is to just keep going. If you stop and throw a hissy fit about the snafus that happen daily due to your humanity or someone else’s, you’ll waste a lot of time you could be spending moving forward a hopeful next step. Forget about it.


  1. I used to get SO angry at myself for these things, and then be very understanding and kind to others if it happened to them. That made no sense. A hissy fit at oneself is still the same time and step waster. Thank you – totally works outside of Christmas.

    • Oh, that’s an interesting concept. It’s still a time and energy waste to be mad at yourself. Can you then get mad at yourself for being mad at yourself? That self critic can be a real B#@*ch.
      Thank you for your support and thoughtfulness. And I do think it’s so important to see how you no longer do things too.

  2. I happen to think hissy fits help. I get one over with and feel soooo much better. However, I never allow my guy to have a hissy fit. Too sissy, I tell him.

    You are not a sissy – and I applaud you for being able to tell your story while shaking your head with a sense of humor. Good post!

    • Thank you so much Pamela. I really thought I was going to bust a gasket that week. Talk about too much on the plate. Hissy fits occur slightly when I’m really done but I am so all about the lesson learned. But I still think that taking on the Christmas event planning single-handedly is ridiculous and a recipe for disaster. Especially when it’s also the year your son is beginning to unbelieve. Sigh.
      Thank you for you compliment and taking the time to express and type it.

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