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  • Alternative Eating

    Alternative Eating

    As I began my 28 days come what May project this past Spring, I thumbed through all my recipes ripped from Cooking Light magazines. I picked out the ones that had some appeal and then filled in my grocery list with their ingredients. There was ground chicken and farro, baby bok choy and chayote squash. […]

  • Gazpacho


    We grew up with this blended raw vegetable “soup” and I adore it. My twist is to add shrimp as well as the croutons and extra chunks of vegetables. There’s a sort of ceviche vibe this way and makes it more of an appetizer. Sweet chunks of Crab would be fab too. I chuckled to […]

  • Faidley’s Crab Cake Recipe

    We live on Maryland’s Eastern Shore with the Atlantic Ocean to our East and the Chesapeake Bay to our West. Both my husband and I grew up in rowhouses in Baltimore eating steamed crabs at picnic tables covered with newspapers and the sound of wooden mallets whacking the claws and people spitting out shells. We’re […]

  • Salad For A Winter’s Day : Cannellini Bean and Tuna Salad

    Salad For A Winter’s Day : Cannellini Bean and Tuna Salad

    It was time again for my cannellini bean and tuna salad, the perfect salad for a Winter’s day. Oil packed tuna, tomato, celery heart, red onion, and calamata olives combine into a meaty refreshing satisfying salad with leftovers. The picture is deceiving. I didn’t leave any on the plate. Tuna, celery, and bean salad Insalata di […]

  • Messy Potatoes

    Messy Potatoes

    Otherwise known as scalloped potatoes or Gratin Dauphinoise, messy potatoes are my favorite ‘go to’ potatoes for a side with dinner. I have a mandolin. It’s a vegetable cutting guillotine that’s perfect for slicing potatoes thinly. Unfortunately, and no surprise here, a plastic part exploded rendering the guide useless. So I am back to using […]

  • Beautiful Buttermilk Recipes

    Beautiful Buttermilk Recipes

    Seems both my mother and my father in-law drank buttermilk when they were kids. With pepper on it. Like, ewwh. Although I can’t stomach the thought of drinking it straight up, my appreciation for this magical dairy product has increased over the last couple years. Somehow this thick sour liquid creates the moistest creations. In […]