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Endure and Enjoy Like a Cat

I’m walking into the gym, anticipating the discomfort of exercising and the whine of my joints as muscles. And then I think about how it is what it is until it isn’t anymore. Just be in the moment like a cat.Endure and Enjoy like a cat on

Cats have this now mentality. If they’re in pain they think, this really sucks. They just live life one need and one emotion at a time. And when they’re happy and tired, they’re happy and tired.

Endure and Enjoy like a cat on

Cat naps are their superpower because they are necessary. Knowing that you absolutely need to indulge in self-care in this way at this time must really take a lot of the guess-work out of life. Because cats know they are always worth it.Endure and Enjoy like a cat on

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The Last Week of June

The last week ( and a half) of June, found us doing stuff.


We visited with friends and their dogs.




Took a closer look at critters with shells.


Mugged for the camera in front of an El Camino at Target.


Lounged around.


And picnicked at the park, lunched with my blog group gals, DSC00997

And attended my sister in-laws baby shower where Cousin Ava got to poke Fiona.

When Emma is born (pregnant sister-in-law not shown), they’ll have their own girl gang.

I had to puzzle out and download a new Google calendar to view on my phone.

And Mark and I lost at least four pounds of fat collectively on the “If it’s white, it’s not right” diet. I’ll share more on these soon.

Eamon had his second and third piano lessons. Wolfy Eamondeus Peachzart,

Mark called him this morning.  And Eamon officially swam under water while blowing bubbles out of his nose.


We also said goodbye to a very sweet kitty who left this mortal coil under mysterious circumstances. Rest happily Indigo.

Here’s to the next month being more fun with less bummers.

Mr. Crackers


The first day

 I’ve been insisting that Eamon have his own kitten for over a year now. When we lost Butthead this past April, I asked and we received. Summer’s here and I imagined hours upon hours being occupied by playing with the kitten.

They're siblings too

They’re siblings too

So we rolled up to the nice lady’s trailor and plucked the little boy to take home for our little boy. On the ride home Eamon named him Crackers. He was to be a General Crackers. But he got demoted to Mister later.

In the stroller

In the stroller

Complete craziness is what these furry babies bring in their wake. And they have attention needs. And it is all good. Our remaining cat Peewee really needed a project too, although it took her a week to warm up to him.

Don't even think about it

Don’t even think about it

Now they’re frolicking and chasing like they’re supposed to. How lucky am I to have a baby and a kitten. Except for when they are both in need of sucking on me at the same time. Mr. Crackers will suck on anything and Eamon’s purple baby blanket got a little wet after this sucking session.

Bloody Birds

Tis the season for dead birds. Spring and summer finds our little bird friends getting jiggy with it. They’re coming into town, having sex parties everywhere, running into windows, and creating little ones that fly and fall out of their nests and we have to watch and pray for them.

I have had numerous run ins with our feathered neighbors since I’ve lived in this house (from which I’ll never be able to afford to move). Should I spare you the story of the baby chimney swifts that fell into my chimney and I had to drive up to Dover to deliver to a birdy rescue lady? Yes.

Yesterday, as I sat on my neighbors porch, I happened to look up just as a mourning dove had a “run in” with the front side of a truck going a good 35 – 40 mph. I hollered. It was less than ten feet from my face. And even though I closed my eyes, the image was there. Everyone else got to see the rest of the grisly scene. As in the bird being tossed to the other side of the road, feathers flying, and then the death throes. Later, as we left the porch, I saw a now dehydrated carcass of a robin laying near the lavender bush. Ugh.

This morning I heard another mourning dove cooing in the tree. I wanted to feel so sorry that it had lost it’s mate in that heinous accident I’d witnessed. And then I saw it fly over to the grassy area just beyond where the other had died. And then I saw another mourning dove fly down. And then, oh my, they appeared to be ”fighting”. There’s a new sheriff in town. Circle of Life.

The Birds, Bees, and Kitties

I recently had to explain to my seven year-old why I was shooing the kitty away from the house and away from the girl kitty who was acting kinda funny. We were having a birds, the bees, and kitties talk in which we discussed how boy kitties have spikes on the end of their winkles to ensure their parenthood possibilities.

My poor son will never be able to shake the images of that conversation. Good. He did understand there’s a biological imperative for species survival. They don’t even realize they are programmed to continue their existence. People too. And our job is to ruin their job when propagation is a bad thing.

If left up to their funny business, this is how cats would multiply and procreate. One mommy kitty can have three kittens three times a year. So she can potentially spawn 9 kittens per year. Second year and you multiply those 9 kitties by three and three again and now you have 81 kittens. And by the third year, 775 cats in your backyard howling and spraying.

So we treated our girl kitty to a cab ride to the clinic and unkittened her. Because I feel that if you’re going to feed them, then you need to make sure there will be no other mouths to feed later.

We’re just lucky enough to have an old country vet down the road who’ll take their crazy furry butts out of the trap and fix ‘em up. My husband and I live near a river and this is a highway for all animals. We have taken care of at least 50 cats in one way or another in the past 12 years. And, although it’s been heart wrenching at times, it’s also the least we can do.

One week ago, we lost our Butthead to a surprise case of cancer. And although we got him from the streets of Denton, actually in a parking lot, that is no place for kittens. So please do an extra good responsible action toward an animal and spay or neuter or call the local authorities to humanely and compassionately end or deter future suffering of any animals. Our bigger brains suggest we are smarter. Right practices of any sort are a choice.o-ANDY-PROKH-A-GIRL-AND-HER-CAT-570

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