Winter Will Continue Until Morale Improves


edited snow

Like in earlier years, the week of Martin Luther King’s Birthday holiday nearly took me out of the game.

I had prepared myself for the agonizing three-day weekend. But was ill prepared for the surprise snow days that created a 10 day holiday.

Smoke from my neighbor's chimney on

I begged people for playdates with no results. My kid got so stir crazy, he was crying. I said last week was the longest month I ever spent.

And when Eamon mentioned the winter break seemed like it was still going, I said I was winter broken.

edited bark

As the thawing finally began though, there was that sense of hope that thoughts of Spring brings.

The birds are hinting with their twittering in the distance.

Eamon and the Snowman


 And the snow was melty enough for me to suggest Eamon try to make a snowman.

I forget his name, if he had one, but we all agreed he had leafresy.

2 Responses to “Winter Will Continue Until Morale Improves”

  1. Jennifer says:

    This is the winter that won’t end. I know it’s the first week of February but I’m bitter. I was supposed to be in Florida for two weeks!

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