My Kid’s Halloween Costumes Through the Years

I started to think how neat it would be to put together a post of all the pictures of Eamon’s Halloween costumes though his life. I madly dug through every suitcase and picture file to find these. I’m missing a few but if I do find them, they can be added. This is my “Halloween memories of my kid” post and welcome to it.Halloween stuff 001 - Copy

This was in Miss Tara’s three year old’s day care class. Eamon’s the sullen looking spider on the left.


The next year, the Transformer Optimus Prime. He just called him Primus.

Eamon and Josh trick 'r treating

The next year, it was The other flavor Transformer, Bumblebee. He went trick or treating with Josh.

Eamon as a mummy

This next year is the year of the homemade mummy costume. We love to pose in front of our neighbor’s fence.


Trick or treating with our pal Graham and his little sister Ava. Recognize her costume?

Pottery barn kids money needed to be spread out a little more before I let it go.

No, you can't come Butthead

The next year, he wanted to be a ghost. He was telling Butthead he couldn’t come trick or treating with us.

Butthead had his grand adventure in Easton a year before.

Meme 's ghostie

Every year, on our way to trick or treat, we stop at our neighbor Meme’s house. Every year, I take a picture¬† of this event.

Graveyard ham

Having misplaced my camera, I had broken down and bought a new one that very day. Because I needed this shot.DSC03448

Dias de la Meurta costume from 2012. He looked super cool. I did my face up too. The weekend of Frankenstorm.

How fun to see them all again in one place. I’m missing the one when he was 6 months dressed as a pumpkin and up on the Halloween dinner table. Traditionally we have tomato soup, grilled cheese, and chips. Until that became a bad thing. Trouble at the table part one.

And this year, back to the bought costume with a cool Ninja with blue accents and daggers.

Eamon will have come up with a super cool name, list of powers, and back-story by the end of the week.

Stay tuned for Mark and my costumes next.