Another Ten Facts You May Not Know About Me

It’s time again for factoids you may or may not know about me.(Missed the first round? See it here.) Because, even though you read my blog and feel you know me, do you really?

1)    Colored lights on my Christmas tree are against my religion. A white light base with a colored light string in a slightly larger bulb size might happen. There are 800 white twinkle lights on my tree.

2)    I love me some Libra. Just, loyal, and devoted sorts. I collect them. Husband and best friends.

3)    My PMS food is Pad Thai with shrimp.

4)    I once auditioned for Baltimore’s Everyman Theater company. They didn’t let me finish the audition.

5)    I was Television and Film major in college. When these subjects plus journalism, marketing, and advertising comprised mass communications.

6)    My career in TV and Film consisted of production assistant positions at WBAL-TV and Truckstop Productions, a small film company in Baltimore. Way too much work for the money and most of the people in TV were a-holes. Ironically, my husband is the exception to the rule.

7)    My current “obsessed with” accent color is aqua. Except for my current home  Christmas decorating. But I’ve designed it into other people’s trees.

8)    The one Christmas present I keep hoping for is a vintage top hat or bowler. Seeing The Age of Innocence clinched my need with Scorsese’s shot of the sea of hats.

9)    I will leave no white walls unpainted.

10) And I am a sloppy dish loader. I’m a rinser but have no patience for puzzle fitting the dishes into the appliance. They’re in there so they’ll get washed however willy nilly they’ve been placed.

Top Ten Things You May Not Know About Me

1) I hate blue ink.

2) Because I’m a green girl and not a blue girl.

3) Shooting Zombies arcade games are really cool.

4) There’s a pint of chicken livers in my fridge by choice.

5) I strive to know my limitations and then move past them.

6) I wanted to be an archaeologist from fourth grade until eleventh.

7) I’d rather a birthday pie.

8) The two books that I have intentionally read twice are The Hobbit and She’s Come Undone.

9) I sleep on the right side of the bed ( from the laying down perspective).

10) My favorite Beatles song is ‘Hey, Bulldog’.

11) I so dislike top ten lists, I am making mine eleven