Tidy isn’t the Same as Clean

Look around at my house and most of the time, it is tidy. I try to pick up after the mini tornado creators every day and a half. The feeling I have seeing no clutter beats the chaos I feel when I look around and see stuff everywhere. But there’s still the layer below that that niggles at me. The secret filth that I know is lurking everywhere that I will never conquer.Tidy isn't the same as clean on

There’s the grease that flies around the kitchen because there’s no exhaust fan in there. It covers the back stairs and the fan and the top of the refrigerator. Eventually, I stab at it with degreaser but really there’s no winning that war. Until I get an exhaust fan.

There’s the scuffed up dirty wooden floors that need to be revamped and haven’t seen a good mopping in I can’t remember how long. Clean doesn’t comprise just vacuuming but when the floors look this bad, who cares.Tidy isn't the same as clean on

There’s the layers of dust in hard places I can’t see that are too hard to reach. And the filth under the appliances that are too hard to move to care to get to. See, there’s an understanding that dirt is literally lurking everywhere and while I take a stab at scrubbing it off the windows every season and waxing my kitchen floor every month, there will never ever be a moment when I am alive that this house will be clean.Tidy isn't the same as clean on

So I settle for tidy. And hope no one with white gloves comes for a visit.

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