You’re Right, She Does Look Like Him

Everybody keeps saying Fiona looks just like Eamon. And I supposed it was true. The picture below is one I’ve had pinned to my art cabinet of my son as a newborn. I took a picture of the picture (it has a scratch on it) and one of my daughter in the carrier sleeping on my chest.

And the results are in. You all are right. She looks eerily like him at that age. Except she’s got a girl nose.

Baby Eamon

Baby Fiona

Many of you ask how’s Eamon doing with the addition of a sister? Well, he never outright said for us to take her back. But he did ask me whether I liked the cat or the baby better. Because he liked the cat better. He is really great at bouncing her in the bouncy chair. And he likes to hold her when she’s not crying. Other than that, he never looks at her.

Eamon kisses fiona

Unless we tell him to kiss her.

6 week old Eamon

Baby Eamon

happy ballerina baby

Baby Fiona

Daddy and baby Eamon sleeping 001

Daddy sleeping with baby Eamon


Daddy sleeping with baby Fiona

Shalagh at the shop with baby Eamon 001

Mommy holding baby Eamon at the shop

Mommy and Fiona

Mommy holding baby Fiona at home

Baby Eamon 8 weeks 001

Baby Eamon aka Baby Lou at 8 weeks


And baby Fiona not quite 8 weeks but that would be now so good enough.

You tell me, do they look alike?