From Here To Done With the List

For many, the “To Do” list is a favorite treasured angst. The baby/hospital prepare list and the bucket list are two other versions of lists at different life phases. Sometimes tasks are just tasks. And sometimes they hold more importance in your head than what they seem to on paper. There’s always one last item hanging on the list, and I should blow it off and ready my mental self to deliver the baby and move on… except, I’d be happier if this one last item were completed.

I thought of the scene from The Jerk where Steve Martin is backing out of the house naked saying, “ I don’t need anything except (he picks up the ashtray)…that’s all…just this ashtray…and this paddle game…remote control…matches…that’s all I need.” All I need to have happen before this baby comes is to complete the redecoration of the  big brother’s room. That’s all I need.

Unfortunately, I ‘ve had too much time to actually complete these items. And I’ve commanded completion of said items over the borrowed time while awaiting this baby’s arrival. All except the daggone pillow covers I have put off for “sew” long. They are now sitting in front of me saying, no excuse, sew me or else. Just like during 2010’s Snowzilla snowstorm when I had nothing better to do than load those digital pictures into that digital picture frame for my in-laws. Surely I’ll be super proud of myself for having completed the procrastinated project. And then off to the hospital we will go.

I offer that the trick to getting your to do list done is to stop adding items to it. When I checked back on my list, I was able to mostly clear it. Except for burlapping the walls in the hallway (inhaling the fumes of spray adhesive while balancing on a ladder with a sharp cutting tool in my hand are prohibitive actions at this moment), those pillows are the (ma)lingering To Do.

So I’ll gladly delegate it to my Mom when she’s here helping, hee hee, and have a seat to watch that Netflix movie that’s been on the shelf for a month, I promise. But don’t expect me to nap while the baby’s napping. Once I know the baby’s flavor, blue or pink, there’s baby room in need of redecorating. You know I’ve always been a nester. I’m happier that way.