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Our busy weekend is still going strong. Today’s Eamon’s 9th birthday. We’ve had days and days of visiting with family, fun Easter egg stuff, and eating out and unhealthy. I needed to write a post for today and as we wind up our vacation mode, I am reviewing what I have noticed and what was important from these experiences. In honor of my new friend Lauren, I would like to offer a five things list.

1. There is no such thing as a given. What you think will be the way it always will be may not be a day, month, or decade from now. Enjoy now. Noticing the lilt of a voice, the readiness of a laugh, or the loveliness of a wine is all of the moment you will ever ‘have’.Mark and Eamon from

2. Birthing and maintaining babies is a lot of work. The word relentless comes up quite often for me. They are inconvenient and terrifying. And at one year-old, are the truest cutest delight to give to the world and those you are related to. They are a gift you give to those you love and those who don’t even know you. Share them often.

Easter basket contents on

3. Spring cleaning is necessary. We worked hard for a week to clean the clutter, chaos, and deceased shrubs from our garden, a reminder of the awful weather we endured. My every cleaning whim was attended to and I feel hopeful now that I can move on to planning for summer and projects and travel.

Fiona walking in the backyard on

4. Planning makes a tremendous difference. My husband always says it’s easier to break an appointment than make an appointment. We had a visit because we set intentions and they bought airplane tickets and we wrote things on calendars. Live a little ahead of yourself. Enough to have stuff to look forward to enjoying.

reflection on

5. The best time ever to decide or do or change is now. It’s all you have. Do your best, let go of the rest. Forgive, forget, get over it. It isn’t always about you. Exist in your life in the moment with integrity and gratitude and that feeling of contentment is better than the completion of any to-do list.

I made the best use I could make of a car nap writing this. Hope everyone is enjoying Spring and family and thinking about what they’re getting up to next. Enjoy your now.

Fiona’s First Birthday Party

Seems in the rush around and shuffle of creativity and Spring projects, I forgot to post a Fiona’s First Birthday party post. Which is to say, you still haven’t seen the pictures of her cupcake face yet. I did show you the party decorations.

Paper feathers for Fiona's party on

My paper feathers are still hanging around. See the whole post here.

Gold circle festooned balloons on

And the fabulous gold circle patterned balloons that my son and I made.

That post is here.

Bells of Ireland from

And I published a post on the flower arrangements.

Flowers for Fiona's birthday party on

I made pulled pork and my special coleslaw and good old Aunt Emma’s chocolate cake cupcakes that morning.

Aunt Emma's chocolate cupcakes from

Eamon used Lucky Charm marshmallow shapes and sprinkles to decorate them.

Cupcakes and presents for Fiona's birthday party from

Emma and Fiona and the balloon from Fiona's birthday party on

Family came including Fiona’s cousin Emma whose only several months younger.

We are all thrilled to know they have each other to play with as they grow up.

And soon it was time for the cupcakes.

Here comes the cupcake fro Fiona's birthday party onb

Fiona's birthday cupcake on

Fiona's birthday cupcake on

Fiona's birthday cupcake on

Fiona's birthday cupcake on

This has to be my favorite shot.

Keep up the red balloon at Fiona's birthday party on

And our good friends John and Gayle played a rousing game of keep up the balloon with Eamon.

New toy from big brother for Fiona's birthday on

Fiona got new toys and it was a really great day for everyone.

My sister-in-law Kim and I at Fiona's birthday party for

Shalagh laughing from

Balloons out front for Fiona's First Birthday Party on

A month has gone by since the party and it seems so long ago. Happily, I’ll always have the pictures and the memories. Celebrations are an excuse to create memories and well worth all the efforts.


My ex and I were out to prove we were unlovable. Our agendas fit. And we did a good job of proving our simultaneous lack of lovability for about 8 years.
I was persecuted by his abuse. Unworthy of his change.
He was damaged and unchangeable, unworthy of my unconditional love.
And the slow torturous tumultuous dance went around and around.
Neither one of us willing to state what we needed or claim we deserved more or be responsible for walking away. It was a game of marriage chicken.

antlers and mirror from Unlovability on

I believe strongly,

the attention, devotion, and
presence you receive from your parents

 will become

the promise and
reflection of your worth and


I continued to believe I was unlovable beyond then into now.
A year ago, I had a dream that it was meal time and I was with my mother, sister, and husband, my family.
But my sister was distracted measuring out flour on a scale and my mother wasn’t in the room and the husband was making an omelet. I felt so aggravated. Why hadn’t anyone included me? Or was I unnecessary?

bay leaves and crab basket from Unlovability on

And as I thought about this dream, I felt very sad for myself.
I believed that no one’s going to be there the way I need them to be. And If I was unpurposed, I had no cause for being loved. My needs won’t be met by my loved ones as they fulfill their own. Their needs or my needs, not both. If my needs fail to be met, am I unworthy?

cast iron pan and feather from Unlovability on

In my dream it seemed if no one took care of me then I was unlovable and unworthy of their care. Conditional love. Around and around. But there’s a forgotten loophole.

Love of self.

I can choose to give myself the love and attention I need.Instead of looking to others to see me and give me purpose and worth, I can see me and give my life purpose and worth. And others will join in the parade.

These days, I am making sure I’m getting truckloads of self love.

Now, instead of waiting for others to take care of my needs, I’m taking care of them. I’m scheduling my time to do this. I’m calling people to help. And I’m feeling jazzed that I can make a difference in my life and eventually hoping to make a difference in others’. No longer talking the temporary psyche out to myself which is doomed to Peter out. But living, being the change I never realized I needed.

I’m busy making a real deal self-esteem boosting cocktail.

I’m becoming a mixologist of the positivity smoothie, the one that feels good for you as you drink it.

Grab a straw.

Thanksgiving Quilt

I discovered from my Mom recently that when she was a child, she used to spend celebratory meals like Thanksgiving and Sunday Suppers,

with her Aunt’s family. They lived within the same block in their rural Missouri town. Many people have these sorts of memories.

Where I grew up, we didn’t have any family nearby. So I like to create the family memories for my kids.



Memories of cousins upon cousins and aunts and grandparents piled into a house to feast.

The clan celebrating itself, laughing and enjoying the overfed and captured audience.

Scene of and witness to the uncomfortable squabbles and unsaid shames that are family. Forgiving, accepting, and moving on.



This humanity riddled imperfect holiday gathering is a combined memory of a nation. Every nation has a Thanksgiving, a tradition

that is carried over by generations to the next and lives in their memories of long gone houses and people.


Now the holiday happens in the children’s homes. The same foods are being prepared In their kitchens.

New tales are being made to tell at the table to a new generation of children.

And the patchwork quilts of a family and it’s feasts are both created and shared. The keepers store the Thanksgiving quilt away

to be remembered again. Or to be forgotten.

And Baby Makes Three

So first there was us. Oh we had fun. Lots of it. Food and drink and merry were made.

wedding color pics 2 001 - Copy (3)

Then comes marriage.

more us and Eamon 001

Then comes baby in a baby carriage.

more us and Eamon 001 - Copy (2)

Baby Eamon and Daddy. Our love multiplied.

us and Eamon 001 - Copy (2)

Mommy and toddler Eamon. Handsome and a handful.

us and Eamon 001 - Copy

Filling Daddy’s shoes.

all Eamon all the time 001

Training to take over one day.

more us and Eamon 001 - Copy

And eventually, he’ll be so big, he won’t want to hold our hand anymore.

us 2 (3) - Copy But not yet. Not yet.

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