And Then It’s Done

As a child, I can remember feeling such an incredible feeling of grief and let down when the last present was opened.

All that savored anticipation had come to an end. Fin. Final. No finale.

In my adulthood, I feel differently. I am glad to be off. Off work. Off the stage. On switched to off. There’s that feeling of relief that I did it again. There’s something comical about the fanfare now.

I spotted a few amusing sites on our way back from getting Eamon his new glasses today in Easton.


Baby Jesus and his crew have left the house.


I’d say Donner and Blitzen had a misunderstanding.


This is the happiest holiday house on the Denton/Easton Road.

My lovely readers, I can not tell you how happy I am to have you as my audience and my muses. Your care and interest makes this all possible.

Keep celebrating the off-ness of it all. See you on Monday with Post-Christmas posts of Christmas decoration pictures.

Small Business Saturday Y’all

I know the joy of opening and the sorrow of closing my own small business. She was named Bally Eden and I loved her like a child.

People coming in and looking around meant the world to me.

And when they bought something?

I was thrilled. So when I say “Shop local”, it comes from my heart.

Last year, we took a break from the usual, Thanksgivinged in Ocean City, Maryland and traveled to Rehoboth, Delaware

for some intentional shopping on Small Business Saturday at Bella Luna’s.

This shop is a schmorgusborg of wonderful and whimsical gifts and decorative items. I found many lovely items for my girls and for me.

I may have to take a road trip in December to revisit Rehoboth and see what trouble I can get into. I like Bella Luna’s kind of trouble.

The feeling of decorating inspiration and decided shopping accomplishment is so satisfying.

Remember that before I had my shop, I worked for Pama at Moonvine? I visit her regularly and her inventory is amazing.

From jewelry to smelly stuff to picture perfect little props and flowers, she’s worth the visit if you’re in Easton, Maryland.

She’s my incredibly talented mentor.

Didn’t know diddle about florals until I met her.

And then, here in little old Denton, Maryland, there’s Joviality. Abby and Mary have been hard at work filling their space with affordable

Christmas gifts and décor. I visited recently and picked up a fabulous item for myself, as well as stuff for other people of course.

Each and every one of these establishments has hard-working women behind the counters considering carefully how the displays look, if their items are affordable, and if they have enough of anything to make it look full. Pleasing everyone is hard work. Make an equal effort to shop from your local shop owners this Christmas. I hope you find something better there than where you may have otherwise gone.

It’s Halloween

Traditionally, we have carved our pumpkins by Halloween night and happily light the tea candles within to enjoy their macabre faces while we eat grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Because of the recent craziness, our time available to carve was today. Before Eamon came along, I made Mark carve pumpkins with me. Poor soul. Create darn it!


But they do it every year without question to entertain me.


The tongue out! I actually caught it on film. Fiona does it too when she’s concentrating.

halloween 07 004

These are the offerings from 2007.



And other years. I always get a picture. Although they do seem to be looking the same each year.


And I can’t always get around to doing something like this.


Or this. I tried this year but everything just fell short of time to be inspired.

Halloween styling

Last year’s pictures will have to do.

skull in wood basket

The wooden bowl is a love love love from the little shop in town called Joviality.

Tidewater Inn

Last year, we celebrated our anniversary in Easton with a rockin’ dinner at Out Of The Fire and dessert at the Tidewater Inn.

I loved their piled up pumpkin and gourds above the outside fireplace.DSC01736And this year, on Marks’ birthday, we happened to be in St Michael’s, Maryland, one town beyond.

They do a marvelous job of being festive for the holiday and for the tourists.


Jewelry store ?


I could do without these scarecrows but the witch is creative.


We were amused. Like herding kittens I’d imagine.


My lunch dates in St. Michaels.

pumkin head man on 328

And then on the way up 328, the Denton Easton road, we see this guy. Well done. When his coat was flapping in the wind, he was creepier.

Lest we forget the reason for the Halloween season which is to add a little fright to our night.

Thanks to everyone for keeping with me on the 31 Days of Pretty Pictures. And for voting for me in the Circle of Mom Bloggers contest.

I doubt I’ll do either again but it was a really great experience for me. I’ll be talking all about what I got out of it soon enough.

Happy Halloween.

Now to take care of a little special event I have to decorate.

Love Ya’,


Plein Air : The Next Generation


So little.

I was aware that the plein air festival was going down in Easton as it does every July. I’d seen some of the artists out painting as I visited Moonvine. When I got wind that Sunday was a kids classes day, I took the opportunity to create a field trip with my little artists,Eamon and his friend Brianna, who have been friends since Kindergarten.


On the playground in Kindergarten

He’s mentioned he wanted to do more arting and Miss Briana had a piece in the art show at the library recently. So they were up for the challenge. And they did a wonderful job of rolling with the day.


We showed up early, signed up for Abby Laible’s ‘See it….Simplify it….Paint it!’ class. It was plein air festival after all. And they had a chance to chat with the teachers aide ahead of time. DSC01173



They chose to paint Mason’s restaurant. And did so sitting in the street, “en plein air”. I don’t think either of them had ever had experience painting with acrylics.

Fiona and I sat back and watched their process.



I discovered I had no diapers in the diaper bag. And we ran into our old friend Selene who asked to hold the baby.


We rolled back by Moonvine to say hi.


And as we strolled the streets, Easton seemed to be looking her best for the event.




M. Randall’s new digs.



The day began to get hotter.

So we headed northwards to Denton for lunch and a romp in the air conditioned McDonald’s.  DSC01199

And Eamon woke up the next morning so excited about arting, we thought we’d do more of it. This time our medium was watercolors.

I present the masterpieces.




A Slice of Watermelon and A Study in Ninja Fish with Pencils in Perspective.

Community and Art are what make the soul feel extra swell.


I needed to go visit my dear friend Pama last week and let her hold my Fiona. I was never more impressed than when she held Eamon as a baby and lolled him and rocked him like the pro that she is. She is an Easton shop owner. And the newest Moonvine that I walked into last week was full of stuff and as beautiful as ever.


She was in the middle of the Plein Air competition week. And had an artist actually painting in the store for the last three days.DSC01123

Many of you may not know but I used to be a shop owner. A story I will soon tell here.

Before I had my shop, I worked at an adorable little shop called Moonvine in Easton. Gifts and art and flowers and fairies. Lovely.DSC01129




Oh so many years ago, 2000 AD, Moonvine was on Goldsborough Street, between the coffee shop and the ice cream place. My sister insisted that we wander in and we met the incredibly talented Pama. I asked her to do my wedding flowers and I later ended up being her employee before I left to do my own shop thing.


Pama moved her beloved Moonvine to Bethany Beach for a short while, took a hiatus, and now is back and reopened on Harrison Street where the consignment store Frugalicious used to be. There’s a bit of musical chairs going on with some businesses down in E-town. Anyways.





Pama’s style is eclectic and romantic and funky. She celebrates the artists of hand painted mermaids, of decoupaged furniture, and beautiful wire and bauble jewelry. There’s antique china, glassware, and floral arrangements in darling little containers. Add some smelly good stuff and cards and it’s Moonvine as always.





There is an item here for everyone. You may think it’s over the top because it is and so full of surprises (tarantula in a paper weight?)

But you just might disc0ver  an original card, a plate exactly like your Grandmother used for special occasions, or a piece of jewelry perfect for you wacky aunt.


I rediscovered my friend Pama and her joy and talent for pretty making and holding babies. And for that, I am grateful.

 As of March 2013, Moonvine is now located at 22 North Harrison Street in downtown Easton, Maryland in the USA.

Pama’s hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 -5pm. Telephone (410) 770-4451

Facebook page is here.

And an article from Attraction Magazine


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