To Do List

The past week substantially rocked! I got time alone to do what I wanted to do without feeling guilty. Little boy was in school. So I’ve created and accomplished some to-do lists which included running, restyling interiors, tying back sunflowers, and priming stuff. Oh, and I wrote on stuff and cooked some kickin’ meals to boot. You wished you were married to me.

I had been holding my breath for the summer’s end. And now it feels like I’m lightheaded from all the oxygen.  Let me get through the Labor Day holiday without anyone getting on my nerves interrupting my me time and I’ll see what else is necessary for my happiness.  Who’d of thought I’d kowtow my freedom to a man and a 6 year old ? Not now. Want to have lunch with me, I’m free … to do what I want any old time…don’t be afraid of your freedom. Stay tuned.

My First Grader’s First Day

Say goodbye to kindergarten, here comes first grade. We already knew Mr. Green’s bus would come at 8:25. It’s still peanut butter and jelly for lunch every day. Except for Friday when it’s pizza day.  I was freed to spend all day doing whatever I wanted to. I decorated and created and dyed my hair and caulked and went to the gym and sanded chairs. And when Eamon got home, he didn’t have that edge that he had last year that I felt I had to coddle and worry over.Yes he was hungry but his sense of humor was still intact. He wanted to return immediately to school and do it all over again, bless his heart. He’s big now, soon to be even bigger.