The Shore’s Farmlands

There’s a lot of farmland here on Maryland’s Eastern Shore (we are a state divided by a Bay ergo Eastern and Western). The climate allows for abundant and beautiful produce for its growing seasons.The Giant Sprinkler Beast Eastern Shore farmland on

The Shore’s money was made in a canning industry boom in the early part of the 20th century.  I enjoy watching the farmers in action during the harvesting seasons and the way the fields and farmlands change character with the different crops.ThA barn on Eastern Shore farmland on

 Eastern Shore farmland on And being able to see over these distances makes you feel expansive inside. As if you can sprawl out into the space and you belong to it and it to you. I grew up in a city and I was used to the claustrophobic anxious jumbled up sprawl that is a city. Plenty to keep your brain busy and your senses piqued.

A boat and soybean field on  Eastern Shore farmland on

 Eastern Shore farmland on

 Eastern Shore farmland on

But once I moved here, although I don’t much like the flatness of it all, I began to appreciate the quiet peacefulness. A sense of returning to the old and honest days, the ways of yore. Grain silo on Eastern Shore farmland on

Horses on Eastern Shore farmland on

A great place to raise children to be sure. As long as you keep them occupied and involved in their life’s interests, away from the TV, and don’t allow them on ATVs. Dangerous those. This is a place where’s there’s one traffic light between me and civilization. Traffic light on Eastern Shore on

And sometimes I traverse that road once in a week if at all. It’s the Denton/Easton road to the locals. And all but three of these pictures were taken on my journey to drop off my daughter at her Grammy’s house. Story of my day and my life, thanks for reading.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was driving that road yesterday. In the morning the fields glistened with heavy dew. The low clouds floated over the fields giving the countryside a dreamy feel. Then at midday I witnessed a bald eagle circling over a golden harvested field against a bright blue sky. Love this drive!

    • Shalagh says:

      Yes to all of that. You have the wild weeds spreading purple over the fields in the Spring and the sunsets on the Easton end in the Fall. My husband once saw like 7 eagles all at once gathered around a deer carcass. They’re carrion birds as well as fishers. And the driving over the Tuckahoe River can be a quick treat too. Thanks for sharing whoever you may be.

  2. Ann Davis says:


    I feel very much the same as you have expressed about the
    relative calm, retro peace, and expansiveness of the open
    farm land and far horizons of the Eastern Shore. I truly
    love it. It suits me and Jack perfectly. I’m sooooo happy
    to be living here.


  3. Gene McNinch says:

    Very cool and well done post!

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