Ready Or Not

I sat back and waited for their response but it didn’t come. Surely I’d done something terribly wrong like forgotten to send the email. Stupid me. So I sent out another email batch to my workshop attendees covering all the things I promised I would, dispatching links and resources. And again nothing. And that’s when it hit me. I didn’t do a bad job at presenting my workshop or the follow-up. Just no one was ready yet.

Ready can take a while. Inside the truck on

The first step seems to be inquiry. You research, attend a workshop, engage with people online, and/or check out a book. This ready-ing process is different for everyone. Where some people seem to hit the ground running with purpose and confidence to spare, others tippy-toe and meander and step away and come back because they’re not quite ready. They haven’t gotten a hold on their true “Why” yet. Or in my case, there’s a bit more self discovery work that needs to be done elsewhere first. The whole value issue for instance.

My process is always an open book but sometimes I don’t even know what I’m doing or why. I did follow my intuition telling me I needed to write to be me and reasoned I could use the blog to improve my writing craft. Eventually it became clear that I wasn’t ready for the next step upwards. My “branding platform” wasn’t going to happen unless I claimed my purpose and my talents. Inside the truck on

This declaration of “ready” for the next step requires a new way of thinking, owning, and telling my story. I’m working hard to define who I am by what feels good to be and I’ve found a new therapist to do this work with. But answering “Why” we want something is often the hardest work to do. Because I’m supposed to doesn’t cut it. Because I want to make a difference and inspire at least one person does.

In order to find my life’s purpose and value, I am editing my earlier beliefs about my worth which were built into me from childhood. Beliefs that mean survival. My personal well-being is truly the first step to creating an intentional writing or speaking career and that a fulfilling career will then add back to my feelings of purpose and worth. And I look forward to feeling groovy when I am interacting with people in the world about stuff I like.Bucolic Eastern Shore on a rainy day from

I am feeling closer to being “ready” to move upwards and graduate to the next level both personally and professionally than ever. You are welcome to sit ringside for the process of me becoming me. I guarantee it’ll be real and hope that there are some parts you can nod your head at and say “yeah, I totally get that”. When you are ready to be the real you, it happens, and not a moment before.

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4 Responses to “Ready Or Not”

  1. We are on a parallel path, my writer friend. I’m so happily surprised that I wrote about ‘almost ready’ today, too. The photos are a perfect moody accompaniment to the thoughts.

    “When you are ready to be the real you, it happens, and not a moment before.” — my favorite.

    • Shalagh says:

      Thank you a million times over Heather. We are in similar boats and your opinions mean a lot to me. Were stickin it outers you and me. Hard worth it work though.
      Love to you darlin’,

  2. donald says:

    “When you are ready to be the real you, it happens, and not a moment before.” —>
    reminds me of ones seeking reality only to discover that it is now…

    • Shalagh says:

      I am writing another piece entitled This Is It. Because if it isn’t it, then what the heck is it going to take for it to be it? Thanks Donald for getting it.

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