Purposeful Living: Shifting from “If Only” to “What If”

It’s been a slow and deliberate process to strip away all the mental clutter in my life down to the core of what really matters to me.  Truthfully, I’m sort of stunned that all this self-betterment progress has even happened. I have asked myself ” What If ” and bluffed my way towards it. I never expected to get nearer to a life that I wanted. The fact that I’m making it up every day that I live it seems such an unreliable way to change one’s life yet that is exactly the creative living that I have always needed to embrace to shift. Purposeful Living: Shifting from "If Only" to "What If" on


The goal I’m working on the hardest is letting go of the “if only” mindset I’ve had for so long. Instead, I’m focusing on the “what ifs”. I’m shifting from a scarcity mindset where I’ve never enough anything, to one of abundance and refocusing my sight to see my life as it really is; an incredible opportunity to enjoy my freedom and creativity and find my soul-fulfilling purpose. And all of this is doable if I can stay present.


The biggest eureka I’ve had recently is not only that I need to open my eyes to the abundance that I am currently living, but also to acknowledge the elements in my life that I truly need every day to keep my soul fueled. Besides regular time to be creative, and the intention to recognize and entertain that, I also need connection to community. Because both in the act of creating and communicating, I find connections to myself and to what I enjoy doing and being. The resonance of a further purpose follows these clarity moments.Purposeful Living: Shifting from "If Only" to "What If" on


Once you understand yourself and trust yourself within the context of your everyday functioning and happiness, then you can make choices that are larger than you which make a difference. Your basic needs always precede your higher purpose. Everything falls into place when you self-care the heck out of yourself.

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  1. Tamara Miles says:

    I’ll be thinking “What if?” all day today, and that will be good for me. Thank you, friend.

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