Plants are like Friends

Plants are like friends, they’re here today and gone tomorrow.


You enjoy them so much when you have them.
They are part of the landscape.

The in-laws irises bloomed once

The in-laws irises bloomed once

And as seasons change and life choices are made, you suddenly realize that the plant/friend you used to see here or there just isn’t anymore.

And all you have left is a picture of when and where it used to be.

They went back there and are all dead now

They went back there and most are dead now

I lost my Gaillardia this year. Otherwise known as a blanket flower.

Common as it is, I still miss it’s happy colorful little  face spilling over the short stone wall at the end of the walk. I might be able to get another and replant it there but it will never be the same.

the blanket flower bed

the blanket flower bed

Thank you to all my friends past, present, and future for making my gardens and my life happy and fun places to be.

Your presence will not be forgotten.


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  1. Jennie says:

    I lost lots of friends too when I first started gardening 10 years ago because I didn’t have a clue what I was doing but now I help my friends to have lots of babies and now I have a huge and wonderful family of friends! Keep at it Shalagh X

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