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 When I found a Pinterest page devoted entirely to crowns, I wanted to share the wonder with you. Although I have held onto this post for a while, the time to share is now.

You may remember the fuzzy picture of the gorgeous crown hanging in the shop window of Bella Luna in Rehoboth. Love. Even in fuzz-o-rama focus. This past weekend, Mark and I went to see the movie Monument Men. A famous altarpiece painted by Van Eyck called the Ghent altarpiece figured prominently in the plot.

virgin enthroned from the Ghent alterpiece by Van Eyck on


One panel entitled the Virgin Enthroned has the Madonna wearing a crown with a similar shape and feeling.

Click here to zoom in and out of the altarpiece.

And I was suddenly reminded, I’ve got crown pictures to share.

So here they are from a Pinterest page collected and curated by a Michelle Baker.

Click on the pictures to follow links if there are any. Or go to Michelle’s page and click them there. Some didn’t have sources.

crown chimes picture from Shalavee.comcrown with blue from Pinterest page post on


gold,silver, and pink crowns from

paper crown with silouette from

wire crown from

canal blog

little girl in fancy crown from

fairy crown from

Autumnal headpiece from Pinterest for crown post on

silverware crown from

This last one with the silverware handles reminded me of the Statue of Liberty and so I went and found a picture of her head because I think this is the most famous crown in America.

statue of Liberty crowned 125th anniversary picture from head

burger king crown from

Other than the Burger King crown we grew up with.

I got this picture from a funny blog article about the importance of these crowns when we were kids .

Crowning Mallory Hagan, Miss America 2013 from

And I can’t forget to mention the one other important American crown: the Miss America crown. This is the winner Mallory Hagan from last year being crowned. As little girls, Miss America and Disney princesses were our royal icons. Although there are some elements of the American iconic-ism of beauty I’d like to throw on a burning dung heap, crowns remain something I adore.

Tell me you don’t want to go and make some sort of crown immediately after seeing these wonderful pictures. Ah Huh, that’s how I felt too. Hope your inspired. Need to be making something for Fiona’s first birthday party now, Bye bye.

6 Responses to “Pinterest Crowns”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Everyone needs one! Can’t wait to see Fiona’s birthday crown. One already?!

    • Shalagh says:

      Yes, Miss I’m walking before my first birthday So Ha on you people. So many pretty pictures, my heads kinda spinning. Need a theme for party too. Hoping for inspiration tomorrow.

  2. kathy says:

    Don’t relate to crowns at all, but your post reminded me of the Athens Olympics a few years back, when all the winners wore crowns of olive leaves, which I thought was the coolest thing EVER.

    • Shalagh says:

      I really dig the head wreaths too Kathy.Especially natural ones that relate to history! My love of crowns is loosely referring to any kind of head adornment that’s not a hat.
      Love Ya’,

  3. Amy Reese says:

    Those sure are pretty crowns, Shalagh. The one that the little girl is wearing is absolutely adorable. They remind me of ballerinas.

    • Shalagh says:

      That little girl’s eyes are so blue.And the banner in the background made me think of wings. If only you’d had a girl…she’d have hated to dance. Thanks for stopping by Amy Reese Writes.

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