Pictures and Songs

From your own authority on

Click on the Eight track play triangle and enjoy listening to beautiful music while you scroll through these best of February Pictures.

I Heard Your Heart Beating from survivingindie on 8tracks Radio.

Mantle waking on

The last of winter in the orchard on

Valentine's Day roses on

My Painted Pagoda card on

Fiona and Me on

Madeleine's handmade card all the way from Australia on

Fioan in the swing at the playground on

Soup on

Apartments across from Rise Up Coffee in Easton, Maryland on

Daddy and Fiona on

Daddy's block castle on

The kids at the playground on

Come crying to me on

Fruit salad making on

Muffins make us happy on

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  1. Shannon says:


  2. Jennifer says:

    Love this playlist – I have many of these on Spotify. I especially love you and Fi smiling, the kitty in the window and Fiona and her muffin. Maybe keep those around when she gets especially difficult? She looks very happy 🙂

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