Connect the Dots

I feel like only recently have I realized the I’m a creative in more than a few ways. I knew some of my projects were interesting and I had some well written pieces. But often after I’ve finished creating, somehow my work disappears. Out of sight, out of mind. I file my projects away in a folder. And then forget about them and me.

When I did 31 days straight of posts this past October, I knew I wanted to bring some pictures of the past creative me out of hiding and post them as documentation. That’s when I began to realize there’s a lot to remember. My collages came out of the dark. My shop, the long gone Bally Eden. All the work on my house, I had forgotten.

 Glimpse of Fruitful from Connect the Dots on

Christmas time brought more projects and somehow, for the first time I could remember, I didn’t feel overwhelmed or incapable. I began to see that all these projects I had done, loved doing , and then forgotten about, may be like dots I need to connect to find out what my outline looks like as an artist.

Like I’m puzzling out what I am and how I fit into a broader larger picture of the world and other artists and community. Because I believe my happiness has always been in the creation. And to find my true purpose, I need to really see what I bring to the world, what I want to continue to bring, and how I can ask to be compensated for my contributions.

 Glimpse of Fruitful from Connect the Dots on

This is a road I am confused to even build. But I believe the dots and the puzzle are how I begin. I am grateful to anyone who ever complemented me on my designs because you’ve helped me more than you know. Helped me to define myself not a waitress or mother who creates but as a creator who happened to also be a waitress and now a Mom. What a difference the shift in definition makes. And now I’m furiously coloring inside the lines to see what I really look like.

There’s projects cooking and I will be sharing them as they progress. A painted rocking chair, another project I’m calling “On Being Someone Else”, and a few writing fires cooking. Stay tuned please.

Balloons Festooned With Circle Patterns

As I was decorating for Fiona’s party, I remembered we had left over helium from her home-coming gifts a year ago.

I also had some cream balloons in my stash.

Having just bought a copper sharpie, I immediately thought how fun it would be to decorate the balloons with a pattern.

Eamon's circle's picture from Shalavee.comI’ve been obsessed with Eamon’s circle pattern ever since he brought it home from school.

I have wanted to put it on a pillow at least.

Doing the circle art on the balloons for Fiona's party on

So I just asked him to copy his own artwork onto the balloons. I blew them up and them clipped them with large and medium-sized bullclips and he did his art thing.

Circle art on balloons for

Circle pattern balloons from

They made me happy. Although the pattern was harder to see once they were floating in the air.

paper feathers and circle arted balloons for

This is how the paper feathers and the balloon looked together. I was thrilled with how it all turned out.

The party table with the balloons from

There is something so cool about customizing your balloons. But I’m still not done with that circle pattern.

My Finished Rocking Chair For Rock On Talbot Humane 2014

I have finished my charity chair project. I put three coats of polyurethane on the chair, dragged her inside for a photo shoot in Fiona’s room, and then delivered her to the Talbot Humane Society today. She’ll be named “Oh, Promise Me !”, as that was the song by Clement Scott on old sheet music I ended up using for some of the decoupage. So without further ado, I give you the pictures of my version of the gorgeous cedar Adirondack rocking chair I volunteered to decorate to be auctioned off for the benefit of the Humane Society in Talbot County, Maryland, USA, in May, 2014.


Oh, Promise Me!, decoupaged Adirondack rocking chair on

Oh, Promise Me!, decoupaged Adirondack rocking chair on

Oh, Promise Me!, decoupaged Adirondack rocking chair on

Oh, Promise Me!, decoupaged Adirondack rocking chair on

The hidden animal on the decoupaged rocking chair on

Oh, Promise Me! music by Clement Scott decoupaged onto the rocking chair on

Fiona was really sad when I told her the chair was for a charity event and wasn't going to stay in her room,

Fiona was really sad when I told her the chair was for a charity event and wasn’t going to stay in her room.

If you’d like a look into my creative process for this chair, look at this post. And extra good news, my chair will be living at Moonvine during the month of April with Pama’s beautiful stuff. If you’d like to take a closer look, visit her shop at 22 N.Harrison Street near the Goldborough Street intersection in Easton, Maryland.

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