Paper Makings

I admit, I have a “thing” for decorating, playing, and crafting with paper.

Paper gets you such a visual bang for your almost unspent dollar.

And butterflies have become my current paper obsession.

From, Flower boat centerpiece with paper butterflies

The first I made were these butterflies from color copied card stock.

I cut out three different sizes and glued them to the flowers and the wreath handle on my flower boats.

These were created as centerpieces and ended up in a local restaurant.

From, butterfly thank yous for the baby shower

This butterfly version also appeared on my Butterfly Thank You Notes.


Last Christmas, I made butterflies from envelopes.

There are more where they came from. And will show up again.

The last butterflies were the accordion fold butterflies. I was inspired to make these from a Pinterest picture, of course.


I die every time I see this picture.. Perfect.

They aren’t hard to fold but you need very tight folds.From, accordian ffolded butterflies tutorial

You do have to cut them right to achieve the shape. I looked at the picture and copied what I saw.

My brain works like this, “Cutting from corner angled down to third ridge then doubling back, then down to second valley.”

Good Luck.

From, accordian folded butterflies tutorial

These were made from scrap-book paper. Packs come in matching colors and patterns.

After the fold, I tied them with stunt yarn. After the cutting, little ribbon sashes were attached.

I grouped the butterflies together in threes to put on old book paper wreaths.

From, Newspaper leaf wreath

To make the wreaths, I grabbed old encyclopedias and

started cutting leaf shapes out.

From, Newspaper leaf wreath

I then affixed the “leaves” to a base of cardboard cut in the shape of an O.

From, Newspaper leaf wreath on green clapboard wall

This took all of five minutes to make.

From, Accordian butterflies on newspaper leaf wreaths

They then became something like these. Although the butterflies were larger here and I used some color paged leaves as well.

 I promptly gifted these to my two special blogging friends, Kathy and Amy. We were to bring gifts we’d made

to our Christmastime blog meeting. Our get together had inspired me to be creative.

My gratitude for friendship brings out my creativity the most.

Do you find that to be true of you too?

Thanks for keeping up with me and my crazy month stunt.

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I want to be in the Top 25 Family Blogs by Moms on the Circle of Moms blog.

And I need you to make it happen for me.

There’s more paper projects coming tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Asking For Your Support

I didn’t set out to be a mommy blogger. I started a blog to hone my writing skills. And I happened to be a Mommy as well. And that means that my daily brain waves are often tied up with how to do right by my child, now children. And yet, my blog and my children are equally important to me. I would do anything to keep my children alive and happy. And I also would do anything to continue to fulfill my calling as a writer.DCP_3406

I was tremendously flattered to be offered an opportunity to guest post on Jennifer Cooper’s Classic Play website. After meeting her in person at a creative’s meet up organized by Jen, I asked her for support in growing my blog. And she offered me my first guest post entitled The Needs of the Many and the Needs of You, published this past week on her blog. The piece is near and dear to me as it discusses how to meet your needs as a creative, especially writer, and the needs of an infant or child. Because both need your undivided unending patience and attention.DCP_3182

And as I am cruising through this month of 31 Days of Pretty Picture posts, I discovered I am in a contest for the top 25 Mommy bloggers that blog about family life on the Circle of Mom’s blog. And I can taste it. I suddenly realized that I wanted votes. I wanted to ask for support and feel great about receiving it. Soooo…

Please take a moment and click the badge to the right.

Vote for me today. Vote for me tomorrow. And every day until Halloween .

And ask your network, on my behalf, to do the same.

I would be so humbled and appreciate it so much to at least rise to the #50 spot. The leaders are way ahead of me as they obviously knew they were in a contest. Having Fiona put me out of touch in a few places. But I’ve still managed to keep up with my posts 3x a week. And this month, 31 days in a row.

The benefit to winning a coveted spot in the top 25? Writing opportunities. I know what I want to do besides be a parent. I want to be a paid writer.

Love to all of you who have supported me so far. Turn a few more people on to me please. And we’ll see if I can’t rise above.

And thanks to whoever voted for me 6 times before I even knew I was in the contest.



Half Way Through

This is about half way through my “31 days straight of pretty picture posts” challenge. Wanted to take a moment to share where I am with this challenge.

Every truly great accomplishmentTo say that this was one of the loopiest ideas I’ve had in a while would be saying it nicely.

What the heck was I thinking?

Oh I had some concepts, yes. Was I prepared? Not.

But then again, I can hardly believe I have two years of blogging under my belt, considering my perceived ineptitude.

brick chimney and tiffen

And I’ve experienced both positive and negative outcomes.

happy crabbyOn the positive side, I have more than accomplished my goal to show my visual side. I am happy to see myself in all the art and work I have done. To remind myself of who I am and to stand by it. To be inspired to create more.

witch doll

I was also forced to find and touch every picture I have stored.

And I figured out how to speedily scan and download these photos into the computer. Wirelessly!

English Chestnuts

On the negative side, as always, I have run into technical snafus. These are the sort that upset me the most. Like happily installing a  hover over pin it button to help people pin my pictures to their Pinterest pages. Only a week later, I found it had caused a fatal error to my menu pages. Just a click away. Ahhhhh.

And a watermark appears when it feels like it even though I think I do nothing differently.

schiffalera plant

On the overall, I am still happy with the challenge. By the end of the month, I will have gotten this out of my system and survived.

And there’s no taking back what I’ve tipped my hand for you to see. Continue to enjoy the pretty pictures folks.

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