My Birthday Shoes

Yes, it’s true. This is the year, and weekend, of my 47th birthday!The fact that I was able to birth a baby this past year makes me feel a little younger. Although my body, having run right out of the happy pregnancy hormones called Relaxin, is feeling that much older. No more relaxin’ and maxin’.

Kohls and JCPenney are kind enough to send me $10 gift certificates for this yearly occasion. Since the last time I got a new pair of running shoes was two years ago, I went ahead and bought me a new pair of birthday Asics and I’m styling once again.

I made it three times to the YMCA this week. Took the treadmill under my “For Me” sign. I am still on the modified “if it’s white, it’s not right diet” until 5pm every Friday night. And this is the best I can do. I’m proud of myself. And thus, am feeling pretty fine going into the next year of my life. It doesn’t suck, this life I have. And it’s getting better all the time.

Coming Soon : 31 Days of Pretty Pictures

Before I began to craft my blog in 2011, I’d like to tell you I was an avid follower of many other fabulous bloggers. But I wasn’t. I happened into this in a lurching sideways manner. Over these past couple years though, I’ve read and followed a fair number of them. The best of which have remained in my “blogs I follow list” which may or may not be in the sidebar to the right. I was particularly inspired by one very popular blogger who, every October, does an entire month’s worth of posts around a chosen subject. That is a post a day for 31 days.

Meanwhile out on the porch.

This concept intrigued me on several different levels. That you could write on any one subject 31 times and have all of them be different. That you could use the blog as a place to be accountable to your readership with promises of whatever sort you can conceive or create. And that you can challenge yourself and rise to your creative potential. Wow. Plus you have to use the schedule option to mail these suckers out because it would be way easier.


For most of these past two years, I’ve sent these posts out “by hand” thinking that was the truest form of blogging. A purist’s way born of truth and inspiration. Ah malarkey. Yes, I’m not as excited about the post when I actually publish it as when I wrote it. But you don’t know that. It’s my enthusiasm of the subject I’m writing  that matters. And the pretty pictures.


Which brings me back to 31 days of Pretty Pictures. I have always intended to put many more pretty pictures on Shalavee. And I’ve decided that to do this concept justice and have some fun, I’m willing to set myself to the challenge of doing so for the month of October. And my readership who enjoys that sort of thing will get such a dose that their heads might pop off. I’m listening to your needs here.

DSC03319So to recap, as of October 1st, you can enjoy 31 days in a row of Pretty Picture Blogs. Meanwhile, you may have to just suffer September with some chat atcha posts. Love Ya’, Need Ya’, Can’t Live Without Ya’. No really, I mean it.

Those That Blog

From those that don’t blog, I get this bewildered look when I tell them I write a blog. A what? What do you do exactly? Why? How do you make money doing that? All great questions I certainly had as well before I started to write a blog. Ever notice how the vantage point changes when you begin to walk around a place?

I write because I must and blogs are a fabulous format to dither on about whatever you’d like in whatever fashion you want. Like an onion, there are layers to their development and purpose. After blogging for two years, which have felt long and short depending, I have come back around to the Why. Why am I writing a blog?

I again have asked myself what I need/want from this experience. The differentiation between need and want will require deeper thought later.
And here’s my list.

                                       Why Do I Blog ?_______________

Esteem and Self-Esteem
To Make A Difference
To Meet New People
To Show and Tell
Bigger Writing Opportunities
Collaborate with Creatives

To learn new skills

So there you have it. From the deeper pages of my journals, an official list of the whys. We all have our own brain hurdles that lay in our paths. Mine include being shy, not wanting to act like an egomaniac, and thinking what I say makes no difference to anyone. Add your own dysfunction here.

I had to showcase this profile picture I found on twitter. She’s doing all the right things to work this social media system. So please don’t think me unkind when I say I get the feeling, if she spoke to you, you could smell the desperation of being acceptable and perfecty perfect on her breath. I want to get work and I want people to like what I do but not this badly. What I really want is to make genuine friends and connections with people.
Blogging can bring this feeling of constantly needing to be ‘on’ for the public. A continual performance on the social media stage. But it can kill the creative that feels the need to step off the stage and spend time in uninterrupted silence creating and comprehending oneself. I spoke of this struggle for popularity vs. creativity on a past post called Jimmy Crack Corn and I Don’t Care. “Getting caught up in numbers takes you away from the reason to blog in the first place”. And Sandra of Raincoast Creative Salon started the conversation in this post, Never Enough “Likes”.

Yet, I’ve noticed with myself and my fellow bloggers, there’s a drive to do all that we can to be heard and make the most of our efforts. We sense that this is just a necessary means to accomplish our further goals. I rather though make these efforts not out of fear but because they make me happy. Yet, I’m overwhelmed by the infinite possible tools (apps and social networking) to become better and more popular. And I am exhausted before I even go to the places I’m supposed to be online to do all the infinite aforementioned tasks. Google Plus, ahem. Sad.

With any direction one takes, you have to get down to the nitty-gritty. Figure out exactly what to stand for, what that will take, and find people of like minds who dig that. And then to get someone to pay me to do what I already do and honestly believe I’m worth the effort. Did I say “one”? I meant me. You can include yourself if you want but this is me doing a talk through.

So I’m going to ask the Universe for some more specific help. What I specifically need. Manifest destiny. Here goes.

I Need The Following:

1)     To be more debt free. Having half of my mortgage paid off would be nice but I‘d settle for not feeling overwhelmed every month.
2)     Two days of baby help.
3)    A friend who wants to help me redesign/ redecorate my house.
4)    A new prettier reformatted website that I love and reflects me.
5)    Garden help.
6)    A blogging mentor.
7)    A magazine submission mentor.

Notice I didn’t say ‘getting the work’ because I feel like that will come. And that would certainly help with the debt. The two marked in orange are wishes that I have been granted already, even before I publish this windy little post. I had them in my head and I asked for the help and I got it. I have put in requests for a couple others so we’ll see. Apparently, you need to ask for the help first before you can get it. And you have to know what it is you want to then know what help is needed.

So to those who continue to read my drivel, thank you so much for humoring me. And if you have any thoughts on how I might achieve any of my other goals, do tell. Eamon says I ought to play the lottery more often. Good call Eamon. That would be one way of increasing the opportunities for number one to be fulfilled.

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