Grabby Gabby

I swear I did my due diligence to baby proof. I put locks on cabinets and gates at stairs. But I didn’t empty out every drawer. No, that’s Fiona’s job.

Grabby Gabby helps herself to all stuff in all available cabinets and drawers. She reaches her hands into the drawers and she begins to extract the contents piece by piece, item by item. And then after a moment’s inspection, she lobs them over her shoulder ne’er to be mentioned again.

It’s one thing when she’s tossing the Tupperware or the sippy parts and baby cups, although I find myself irked when it’s the third time I’ve stooped to pick up these sippy parts. Yes, I twitched when the box of business cards, staples, and extra printer cartridges were being dashed to the floor as she fished through the desk supply canister. And my purse is regularly rifled through. But the day I couldn’t handle having an inquisitive toddler was the day she helped herself to my vanity drawer contents.

Purse contents on

I’m a slight pack-rat. The contents of all those little boxes in the miscellaneous drawers I have everywhere tend to be nostalgic. There’s telescope pictures and hair snippets. Eyeshadow from the 80’s and ribbons from my wedding flowers. And Fiona was casually and heartlessly beginning to empty out my soul onto the floor as I sat there applying my makeup.

For a moment, I stepped out of the situation and observed it. Wanting to know if I could be that parent who doesn’t mind if the child explores and knowing that she wasn’t going to hurt herself or the stuff too badly. And then I snapped. It hit my privacy nerve.

vanity top from Grabby Gabby on

The detached way in which she goes through the objects pausing a half a second to consider it and then tosses it over her shoulder to fish for the next object in the drawer was more than I could take. Maybe this is foreshadowing of how it’ll be after I’m dead and gone and they have to go through my stuff. But at least I won’t have to see it then.

None of it is really breakable yet the rawness of having my most private life moments thrown so heartlessly to the floor made me snap. I said “enough”. She didn’t like it. She got re-purposed. Do I feel like emptying every single drawer in the house out? Nope. I either need to be patient with her process, which I mostly am, I need to remove what feels raw for her to play with, or, it’s time she listened when I put boundaries on her. Because I said so is good enough. And I didn’t feel bad about telling her “no” which I think is a good thing. 

House Decorating Tour : Summer 2014

You know how you decide you’re going to do something and then you keep postponing it. And putting it off. And scheduling it to then reschedule it. Well that was definitely happening with my house decorating tour video shoot. You may or not remember my making this promise in My Decorating Style post.

I, like many, have tons of ideas about how I want to make things better. I focus on what hasn’t happened instead of the overall picture. I know from perfection and this house ain’t it. I’m a tree studier instead of a forest seer. And I was hung up on thinking of all the things I should do before I did this.

But then I went ahead and did this anyway.

It’s here, my walking talking tour of the first floor of my house. I hope that you enjoy my effort, my thoughts, and my voice and that this effort helps me to move on with some decorating projects and letting go of some hangups I have about perfectionism.


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Homemade Tacos

There was a long standing tradition of making homemade tacos in my house. My Mom brought the technique with her when we moved to the East Coast from California when I was 6 months old. And although I do sometimes use the cardboard boxed tacos for a quick dinner for a 9 year old, I also am capable of pulling the real deal out of my sleeve.

Tacos are a special occasion when guests come to visit kinda endeavor. Because it’s a lot of impressive work that results in some of the most tender delectable yummy food ever. And a couple of weeks ago, our girl Caitlin came to visit and I decided that I was in the taco making mood. No better excuse for the effort than company.

My girls hanging in the kitchen

Masa Harina for Homemeade tacos on

The process begins with making the dough and forming balls. I use wax paper to smash the tortilla dough on the tortilla press.

Then I take a rolling pin to it to make it a little thinner. Cooking once on the griddle, the dough hardens into a tortilla ready for frying.

tortilla PRESS FOR Homemeade tacos on

Rolling the corn tortillas a little thinner for Homemeade tacos on

Not pictured here, the wax paper that is hanging off the griddle catching fire while you transfer them. Once the tortilla gets transferred to the hot oil, it puffs up as you bend it into the ‘U’ shape ready for filling with taco meat, cheese, shredded romaine,avocadoes, sour cream, and siracha sauce. The house fills with smoke from the hot oil. So there’s a smoke alarms turning off and windows opening thing that makes this a real culinary adventure.

deep frying the Homemeade tacos on

Homemade tacos on

I made some homemade salsa fresca from our tomatoes, cilantro, onions, and dashes of sushi vinegar and cider vinegar as I had no lime.

Homemade salsa fresca with the homemade tacos on

As with fresh pasta, freshly made tacos are such a different beast than anything you’ve ever had. And worth every firey bit of wax paper and smoke burning your eyes with the smoke alarm scaring the cats moment.

Homemade tacos from

I must admit that this finished shot is from a previous batch of tacos. Because in the frenzy of making and eating them this time, there were no more pictures to be taken. The filling this time was a pork. It’s the most easy and satisfying. A pork picnic/shoulder roast cooked at a low temperature for a long time then falls off the bone and is easily shredded. I added chicken stock, cumin, sauteed onions and peppers, and maybe some chili , onion, and garlic powders. But ground beef or poached shredded chicken or even rockfish are all good choices especially with salsa fresca. And a secret sauce tip? Use sour cream mixed with the adobo sauce from a can of chipotle peppers. Creamy and smoky and spicy and you are a genius.

I don’t expect anyone to run out and try this. It’s not for the faint of heart. But if you ever get a chance to try the real thing anywhere, do yourself a favor and eat a freshly made masa harina flour taco. Divine. 


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