So Begins The New Year

And so begins the the New Year. This year’s plans have a few tricks up it’s sleeve for me.

This will be my first year joining the Year of Making project courtesy of Kim Werker’s invite and her ebook on the subject based on last years participation and her first year of doing this. Simply, I “make” something every day of the year and document it attaching the hashtag #yearofmaking . It’s a disciplinary practice that hopefully will be cumulative and teach me how to be reliable and to show up creatively for myself. Fiona is busy on

Any form of making effort is accepted. Kim says this about her first year making,”As for my creative life, #yearofmaking certainly had a profound effect on pretty much everything. I’ve become a maker in my fullest understanding of the word. My commitment to tinkering, experimenting and trying new things has left me feeling downright capable”. If you remember, ole’ Kim was the one I traveled to inner DC to meet for the talk on creativity at the Smithsonian. She’s a credible witness for a life of craftiness.

buttermilk biscuit on

So today was day one of my year of making and I made buttermilk biscuits. These are a mainstay for many of our breakfasts especially when we’ve got sausage. And these were exceptional. I took the idea from Sheri Silver of Donuts, Dresses, and Dirt to use frozen butter along with my buttermilk. And they were scrumptious, the crust was slightly brown and crunchy.

camelia blossom on

And then, after first breakfast, hobbit style we attended a second breakfast spread at our Fellowship. A brunch to raise money for the Hefer Project, a charitable organization which, among many things, can aid in buying an animal for a community in a third world country thereby providing food and/or revenue to them. The event was low key and a chance to spend a little more time with the tree. camelia blossom on

These beautiful Winter blooming Camelias grow right outside the sanctuary.

Upon arriving home, Mark went down in the basement and, with the aid of his friend Paul, replaced the defective element in the hot water heater and now we have our 80 gallon tank of all hot water back. So again, all’s well that ends well. Especially when it’s turkey chili with large quantities of veggies in it. And the very last of the buttermilk went to the accompanying cornbread.I wish you pretty flowers, creative spurts, and good eating this weekend.

Hello New Year I’m Slightly Unprepared For

It’s quarter hour to the New Year and I suddenly realize, I’ve got nothing incredible to say. I delivered multiple Christmas posts and completely forgot I needed to have a deep year reflection post done by now. I suspect most everyone is right where I am. Clueless, forgetful, and bloated.

Eamon and Fiona at the festival of trees on

Santa with Eamon and Fiona on

The family on

The family at the kitchen table on

So here’s what I’ve got. My lengthy wordy about 2014 post is coming soon because , duh. And I am certain that this coming year will be great because it should include, at some point, no diapers !!! I am so very grateful to everyone who has visited here, subscribed, and existed in my Shalavee universe. Love to you all.

And Happy New Year from me and mine to you and yours.

Love, Shalagh

Our Christmas 2014 Highlights

Gladly, Christmas took it’s time getting here this year. It didn’t sneak attack but rather stealthily aimed itself at my life and I prepared for the onslaught with the small people in mind. It’s easy to be slack about holiday happenings when you’re a swingin’ single gal. You are carefree as it ought to be. Because the next phase of your life involves being responsible for small lives and their happiness forever.

Playing with the Christmas loot on

Littles need lots of selfless consideration, preferably well in advance so you don’t get knocked for a loop when the big present might not arrive in time. But there’s really nothing to be done about the fading sound of the ringing of the belief bell.

Her very own laptop on

Christmas 2014 highlights necessarily include happiness and a little disaster. Of course Eamon woke up the first day of Christmas break sneezing and gifted me his cold for Christmas. My nose was in the holiday mode with red and green nostril discharge at any given time throughout. Festive! And Fiona can now say Ah-choo, so funny.

And then Christmas Eve, I walked into our office to see Fiona at the desk on the chair with my open laptop pressing the on button. And then pressed it off. It would seem that the computer has to “repair” itself after such an incident. I thought my brain would explode with worrying. And then, for some unknown reason, I thought it would then be a fabulous idea to make another round of cookies that same day too. But everything is well that ends well.

Waiting for the cookies to bake on

Our new hot water heater, installed last Spring, hadn’t been doing its 80 gallon best and a test of the bottom element found it to be bad. Really? I think I’m officially a grumpy old lady because new appliances are now a dreadful thing to me. Like when you get them and they don’t work or they’re really loud or they aren’t as efficient as the last one. Hate that. I offer my vacuum cleaner picture as proof.

Kenmore vacuums aren't what they used to be on

But Mark went right ahead and called and the part will be here this week. Unfortunately he’ll have to install it and that should prove tricky with his hand healing after a carpal tunnel operation tomorrow. One hand Stan I’ll be calling him.

Princess potty on

Happiness was everywhere. I decorated three beautiful trees without a hitch. There were no complaints about the presents because either the child got what they wanted or didn’t have a clue that such a day existed and was so very happy to have new presents magically appear. And this year I made sure to number the presents on the bottoms with a master list for me so the present shaker was thrown off. It worked!!!

All three children together on

But most of all, my children were happy and healthy and here with us opening presents and stealing candy cane chunks to suck until she spit out the plastic wrapping. And we had food on our table that we shared. More than some others during these holy days. If we could get around our shame and our pride, many people could enjoy their holidays just a little more.

So Happy New Year to All and I hope you have much to be grateful for.

See you in 2015. Otherwise known as Friday.

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