Pink Curtain Rods For a Prettier Window

The curtains were a two-part project. The question you should ask yourself when designing and choosing window treatments is what do you want the “curtains” to do? Are they to block light or give you privacy or make the window prettier?

bay windows in Fiona's room on

I needed one and three to happen in Fiona’s room with this design.

In the first part of the design, the mock Roman shades were my light blockers. But the bay windows still felt like they need some softening while also not covering up the bull’s eye woodwork detail around them. Sounds like a steep decorating hill to climb and it was until I stumbled on this photo from SF Bay Girl’s blog. And I knew what I had to do.

pink curtain rods above windows from SF Bay Girl blog via

I just couldn’t get over how perfect an idea this was and I began to obsess over the details. How many rings, what rods, didn’t I have this fabric, and how to get the rods hot pink? There used to be a show on HGTV that should have been called Rip Off My Room and they’d take a designer room for a bazillion dollars and recreate it for a mere 15 thousand dollars. So I said I can recreate this curtain design for under $10 and I did.curtain hardware from

Thankfully, I already had the vintage brass hardware for this project. The sheer fabric I used was from our wedding. I had draped it between the columns on the porch and put twinkle lights inside. But those curtain rods? They had to be just the right width and thickness and hot pink. Then it hit me. Hot pink duct tape. No mess and easy to cover wooden dowels pink tape on wooden dowels as curtain rods on Shalavee.comThere are a few more fun things one can do with hot pink duct tape but I’ll save those for another post. So I got my husband to cut dowels or I cut them, can’t remember, on the chop saw. Then came the installation which isn’t so easy because Old House doesn’t really like any screw you use. This crappy picture below was hastily taken to document “real progress”.Putting up the curtain rods on

Long long dry wall screws work well to go past the horse hair plaster into the lathing unless you hit a rock hard stud. There are studs in that bay window. Once I figured out how to level the dowels out, and then make sure they visually accommodated the slope of that left window and the ceiling decline toward the river, they looked great.The pink curtain rods and roman shades in Fiona's room on Shalavee.comI just clipped the fabric up, again after panicking that I didn’t have enough fabric and deliberating on having to cut it lengthwise. That was nerve wrecking considering our littlest cat Chessie really wanted to be playing with the fabric every time I touched it. On the floor, while I was on the ladder, anytime. Chessie helping with the sheers

I get points for the moving furry obstacle course with claws. Fiona's room windows completed on

And there you have it, the completely winded story of those curtains. I can not tell you enough how beautiful they are. I love them and am very impressed with myself for pulling them off. Next up is the painting of the wooden dresser.

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The Curtains : Fiona’s Room

Fiona’s Room Reveal started yesterday. First up on the show and tell stage are the curtains. Ah the curtains. Long story short, they were a long story that needed an ending. I had a sewing phobia. And I got over it. Because I was silly and the room hinged on their completion. The story told in full and funnily is here.

Looks like I may be sewing afterall on

The loose Roman shade design was based on some shades I saw on the Hunted Interior but I didn’t want to have to tie them up every time thus the velcro straps. First, I did a Pinterest perusal to feel the project. hand gathered roman shade inspiration on

This one was for a boy’s room. I loved the suspender straps and if I could have found three pairs of overalls, I’d have lopped off the straps with hardware in a heartbeat and used those instead of the velcro/ fake buttons gimmick.

curtsin tie up close up on

I wanted a roman shade feeling but looser. Decided to gather them up by hand and used Velcro on ends of my jean tie ups made from Mark’s old jeans and vintage buttons. The jean fabric inspiration was from the pops of navy in the curtain fabric plus I thought it was a bit of tomboy to go with the floral. I’m good at the finger pleating but my husband is not so you’ll note a difference in the quality of pleating in the window treatment shots.

I used some beautiful silk blend curtain panels I’d gotten from the Goodwill in Bridgeville, Delaware while shopping with my bestie during our monthly shop and lunch chow down at Jimmy’s Grill (fried chicken, sweet potato, and slaw). I am a sucker for fabric especially when it feels vintage. Yet I don’t always actually use it for all my good intentions. So this was really a necessary for me to use what I’d bought. This fabric was also the inspiration for a lot of the other art and color touches in the room. Fiona's room Curtains with no rods on

Sadly, a project also can’t happen for me without some sort of crisis. At first it was the sewing machine. Then it was figuring out how to use two fabric panels to cover the three windows in the bay window configuration. I was stumped and unhappily trying to figure out a work around when it occurred to me to turn the huge fabric panels sideways. They were that big. Eureka, I had enough without piecing them together.

Also the tie-ups ended up different lengths and I mistakenly used sticky back Velcro which the sewing machine hated me more for. At first, I installed the flat wooden pieces that the fabric is stapled to with just one screw each to just “See how to do it”. This used to be known as jury rigging.  But then I spent another hour later on to correct all of my half butt jobs. I did it darn it. Next up is the rod design and second layer of the curtains which make the window ensembles completely fabulous !!!

Fiona’s Room Reveal Starts

There’s been much ado about Fiona’s room. It was a laborious process to finish the painting and the curtains and to finally load in the room. Mostly the drama is based on the fact that it’s hard to work on her room when she’s in the house. Ironic but true. And since she’s pretty much been sitting on my head since she was born, and I have a blog and a house and another kid to run, this hasn’t always been prioritized.

Panoramic view of Eamon's room revealed on

When I did however prioritize Eamon’s room remodel before she was born, that worked out really well. So little by little, I’ve made progress on her room. To celebrate Fiona’s Second birthday this coming Thursday, March, 5th, I’m doing a week’s worth of Fiona’s room posts. Five days in a row including all the cute little projects in between, culminating in a total room reveal.

Should we start by remembering what it looked like prior to the two-year remodel? The first coat of pink paint went on September of 2013. Check out the beginning of the remodel in the Fiona’s Womb Room post. Fiona's room before the remodel  on

It went from the yellow and green combo (yes, but it was way better than the dark blue woodwork that was there when we moved in) to…

Toasted Oat wall color in Fiona's room on

the wonderful Toasted Oat color I belabored over.

Then there was the issue of the curtains. Sigh. I had my knickers in a not about the sewing. I watched helplessly as my baby slept nap after nap in a room with bald windows because I couldn’t face my sewing machine. But I changed that story because I hated retelling it. In the post Fiona’s Room Redesign Take Two last November, I finally conquered the sewing phobia and my machine. Turns out I needed to read some directions. It’s a funny read.

Contemplating the sewing project in the craft room on

So starting tomorrow, I’ll be posting daily to reveal her room bit by bit. Because it’s time to move on and celebrate Fiona’s birthday!!

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