November Begins

While everyone is participating in National Write A Bunch of Words Everyday Month and National Post To Your Blog Everyday Month, I’m going to lay a little lower.

My three posts per week may be enough blog achievement for November.


Because I just finished a month straight of posts (Pretty Pictures Month ended, wheww)

as well as participated in a Mommy blog popularity contest and boy, my brain’s tired.


But I’m not dead yet.

At the final hour, I have chosen to sign up again for the Blogging Your Way ecourse with Decor8′s Holly Becker. This was the course that brought me to my mental knees when I had to do technical things and make a moodboard. And I became a better blogger for it.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And this course is where I met some amazing women who blog sometimes or all the time and are my friends from around the world. I am better for having met them.I plan to show you why quite soon why. And I’ll also show you what other visual projects I’ve been up to. Because I’m all about showing now as well as telling.

(Fall floral arrangements were made for Joanne a couple years ago at the Lily Pad Cafe here in Denton. All materials are non-living. Silks and drieds.)


It’s Halloween

Traditionally, we have carved our pumpkins by Halloween night and happily light the tea candles within to enjoy their macabre faces while we eat grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Because of the recent craziness, our time available to carve was today. Before Eamon came along, I made Mark carve pumpkins with me. Poor soul. Create darn it!


But they do it every year without question to entertain me.


The tongue out! I actually caught it on film. Fiona does it too when she’s concentrating.

halloween 07 004

These are the offerings from 2007.



And other years. I always get a picture. Although they do seem to be looking the same each year.


And I can’t always get around to doing something like this.


Or this. I tried this year but everything just fell short of time to be inspired.

Halloween styling

Last year’s pictures will have to do.

skull in wood basket

The wooden bowl is a love love love from the little shop in town called Joviality.

Tidewater Inn

Last year, we celebrated our anniversary in Easton with a rockin’ dinner at Out Of The Fire and dessert at the Tidewater Inn.

I loved their piled up pumpkin and gourds above the outside fireplace.DSC01736And this year, on Marks’ birthday, we happened to be in St Michael’s, Maryland, one town beyond.

They do a marvelous job of being festive for the holiday and for the tourists.


Jewelry store ?


I could do without these scarecrows but the witch is creative.


We were amused. Like herding kittens I’d imagine.


My lunch dates in St. Michaels.

pumkin head man on 328

And then on the way up 328, the Denton Easton road, we see this guy. Well done. When his coat was flapping in the wind, he was creepier.

Lest we forget the reason for the Halloween season which is to add a little fright to our night.

Thanks to everyone for keeping with me on the 31 Days of Pretty Pictures. And for voting for me in the Circle of Mom Bloggers contest.

I doubt I’ll do either again but it was a really great experience for me. I’ll be talking all about what I got out of it soon enough.

Happy Halloween.

Now to take care of a little special event I have to decorate.

Love Ya’,


Our Costumes

And now for the big fun. I love me some Halloween.

Before Mark, I can’t remember a Halloween I didn’t dress up for.

While living at 3608 Roland Avenue in Hampden, Hon, I had a few memorable costumes.

Halloween costumes of past 001

While a waitress at Café Hon, how could I not dress up as a dead waitress.

My friend MB, on the left, was Princess Grace of Monaco.

Halloween costumes of past 001

I had me a Halloween party. And was happy and shocked when my friends Felicia came dressed as the same character as I was.

Halloween costumes of past 001 - Copy

Her name is Death. She’s a character from a Graphic novel called Sandman written by Neil Gaiman.

But the biggest costume I ever endeavored to pull off?

Short hair 001

 That would be the year I shaved all my hair off to go as G I Jane.

Short hair 001 - Copy

I’d say I did a pretty good job pulling it off, wouldn’t you?

Short hair 001

My girls Bonnie and Sally are with me on the porch of the Golden West Cafe on the Avenue, where I was the sole employee when it first opened.

And that is where I worked when I started dating Mark, my now husband.Halloween stuff 001

The next year we dressed up as a pirate and his cabin boy. The picture may make him look drunker than he was. I said may.

Halloween stuff 001

I was very pleased with the mock pilgrim shoes I fashioned for him. Silver buckles are tied on. Note the golf sock tan.

And last, but not least, our cleverest co-costume…


The pimento loaf and cheese sandwich. This shot doesn’t do it justice. Nor does it flatter.

The costume was so cute though, it won another couple a prize at a costume party.

And this concludes my very own costume parade.

Today and tomorrow are the last two days to vote for me, either here at the badge to the right in the sidebar.

I truly appreciate all of your support and efforts.

Last day of 31 Days of Pretty Pictures tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what it will be.

No really. Seat of my pants at the end here.

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