Scarcity and Recognizing Abundance

Thoughts on financial stability inevitably return me to memories of scarcity. In addition to my own baggage, I also carry the impact and memories of my ancestors and their stories of hard times too. Many of these stories about moments of scarcity and shame will never be mentioned yet the psychological effects of these events linger through the generations. As survivors, we recreate what we know, even if those circumstances are undesirable. But surviving and living are two different places to be.

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I often notice that feeling of the shadow pain and sadness where my abundance should be. But recently, I wanted to see if I couldn’t study my thoughts and create a little “more” in spite of my conclusion that I live on less. I believe in manifestation and if I’m thinking I don’t have enough (time, patience, or money) than I don’t. So I concentrated on the words Abundance and Opportunity as the words I wanted to go steady with.

Surprisingly at first, my brain wanted to dismiss the words altogether. It was a struggle to keep them present in my mind. I kept thinking, what were those words again? I finally got them to stick. And as I figured out more ways I could show up for myself and get out of my own way, and thus increase the odds for opportunities for abundance to occur, I found I was feeling more hopeful. And creative.

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My Eureka moment came when I acknowledged that I couldn’t make money by saying “make money”. The only possibility of my making an income ever was in continuing to practice those things that I love. I committed to daily creativity and wrote myself a permission slip.  And I also committed to sharing this process and it’s outcome with the people who enjoy it. My online community, my family, and my friends all cheer when I share my creative endeavors with them so why rob them of the fun and myself of the support?

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And now I am feeling more abundant. I am using what I have and the creativity comes without effort. I am fulfilling my promise to myself and feel the confidence in my abilities building. I’m endeavoring to be one of those people who recognize and acknowledge their capabilities and talents. And I feel certain that my opportunities are hovering close by waiting for me to see and name them.

If you work hard, life’s easier especially when you do what you love accompanied by the people you like. And you keep the doors wide open. I know that if I keep telling myself the same story over and over about how I don’t have enough money to buy a new printer cartridge or don’t have enough time to be creative, that will be my reality. That is not how I want this story to end. This story needs to end with Abundance and opportunity, my two new favorite words.

Gifts of Spirit and Five Good Things

Some months, that gratitude basket is empty and some, my basket is overflowing. Maybe some of my thankfulness is relief from getting through my October’s gauntlet of events alive. But the gratefulness keeps rolling in. Grief comes too but it’s easier to handle when your heart’s got spare mirth.

In honor of all my recent gifts of spirit, I’m doing a five things list to start the week off. It wraps up my random events and thoughts like making the most fabulous stew from my life thought leftovers.Jeanne and Me on

  • On Saturday, I got to meet Jeanne. I began to follow her blog, Bees Knees Bungalow like three years ago after I began my blog. She is a garage sale guru who repaints and style her vintage finds so nicely. And I immediately knew, we were kindred spirits. She happened to be in Baltimore for a cruise with her mother throughout the Chesapeake Bay. Such a wonderful thing to meet up with a friend whom you’ve never met. And how amazing a gift to meet her and solidify the bond of our kindred spirits. Happy Birthday Lovely.

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  • Mark had a few employees over as an appreciation party on the same day. The fact that he’s been keeping his business going and it’s clientele is increasing is encouraging. He’s very good at what he does. His success is our success. He’s at that 3 year mark for On Your Mark Lighting. That’s the point when you decide whether to keep going or not.

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  • I finished painting Fiona’s room. No excuses, no prisoners. And now I get to actually decorate it! And since I’ve promised myself to create everyday, all those projects I will share with you soon. I am looking forward to them.

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  • My children are alive and so am I. Eamon got through his pneumonia and Fiona didn’t get it. And the husband took himself to a doctor in a timely fashion to get treated when his cold became instant infection. On my return drive from an appointment in Baltimore on Thursday in torrential downpours, I had a few scary hydroplaning moments on a major highway. This was the kind of trip where you are suddenly living in the moment until you make it home alive. I was never so happy to see my home and my un-napped daughter.

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  • My husband stepped up for me on a couple of occasions this week. He watched Fiona and I was able to do what I needed to do. And he discovered that he can take and handle her anywhere, even keep both children relatively happy simultaneously, and he got a chance to earn his own Daddy badge for himself. Competency can only be earned by practice. We both needed to allow for that.

I am busy thinking a lot about what I am doing right and what I’d like to change. And I ‘m so very happy to know that I have your company dear reader. You get the first dish always.

Let the Good times Roll, Let them wash your rock and roll hair. Let the Good times Roll.” -The Cars-

A Nouveau November

As I mentioned, October was kinda rough. And it was as if I came out of it and into November with new glasses on.

And a renewed hope and gratitude for my life.

I love this time of the year. The smell of wood smoke and the colors outside deepening and darkening.

The weather makes my heart-break it’s so perfect. So in honor of the loveliness of the season and the gratitude I feel in my heart now, I made a special Pinterest board entitled Autumnal Inspiration. Here’s a few of the lovely pictures I gathered to put there. 

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And if you set this table, you had better include my name on the guest list because I’m bringing my camera, a bottle of wine, and an appetite.

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