One Creative Week

Ah, so timid. I have longingly looked at this mechanical bull called creativity. Wishing to ride it with all my childlike wanting. Jump on with crazy abandon, see and feel the rush. And my over thinking parent says, “oh you’ll hurt yourself”. And so I try to look away, turn my music up loud, get distracted, assuage my frustration with wine or communications. But it’s still there waiting for me to climb on. So I did.The Butterfly Effect collage by Shalagh Hogan on Shalavee.comDay One of One Creative week

This week I have joined the creatively empowering and lovely talented duo, Danielle and Andrea of Crafting Connections, for a one week collage challenge called One Creative Week. And boy howdy, my brain is so very happy. Funny how the joining of a group and accountability thing always gets me going. Great for exercise (number one motivator says all the exercise gurus) and great for building community on Instagram. Day 2 of One Creative Week, Big ,paper collage by Shalagh Hogan on Shalavee.comDay Two of One Creative Week

In this case, great for me and my esteem. Because the only true authentic me is the one who’s making stuff. Bad stuff, good stuff, doesn’t matter. I am full when I make. I can not live without it. And I adore collage. I am so grateful to have caught wind of this because people, this is breakthrough territory.Third collage from one creative week on

See the last part of the week’s collages and the wrap-up here.

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4 Responses to “One Creative Week”

  1. donald says:

    “Sei un artista? E allora soffri”
    “Are you an artist? Then you suffer.”
    (Gabriele D’Annunzio)

  2. Dawn Pearcey says:

    I loved seeing these collages on Instagram – your river cut out, and the BIG fish concept is too good! I’m always happy in the making of something – how the steps all come together in the end is interesting and satisfying (even if not pleasing) 🙂

    • Shalagh says:

      Ooh Dawn, I love that you said how they come together even if not pleasing. Because if you get stuck in the pretty/perfect mode, it’s crap. So you just step up and trust the swing. That’s what I’ve done this week. No idea whatsoever what I would do and totally limited time made me just focus on grabbing a spark. I feel super jazzed that those sparks made art that impressed you! Thank you for this!

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