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Today I realized that I have come full circle back to the writing. Where I started to see that I needed to prioritize my writing back when I started my blog, I took a detour this past year for a little while focusing on my art. I feared that my art wasn’t prioritized enough. Like the little sister always getting shoved out of the way for the big brother’s achievements. So I gave her some time to play and she’s happy writing thoughts today on

It is November now, a month when a lot of fellow writers are embarking on their writing journeys with NaNoWriMo. Every year I must decline diving head first into this mass endeavor of amassing words on pages for the fact that I still have a little one at home. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t pump up the volume on my writing.

I wrote and wrote through October and now it’s time to take the best pieces and make them shiny. It’s time for a full turn around to the very first days when I submitted online and took a week to edit my pieces. I want to elevate my writing again out of quick and dirty blog posts and watch the pieces gleam. And then I want to submit. Feeling the When gaining on the If.

I Submit to the necessity to continue my writing journey. I admit to the fear and the doubt and I want to do it anyway. I want to Submit to the right magazines/publications that value the content I have to offer. I want to Submit to the purpose that I am discovering I writing thoughts today on

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