Looking For Ease is Hard

I am never sure what easy looks like but I know I haven’ t lived it yet. Why have I made life so hard? Because it’s what I knew. When things were hard, there was pain and somehow pain substantiates life. But recently, as I’ve focused on just being here now and doing what I need to do to get done, I’ve found ease and it’s surprisingly easy.

I have set myself to goals recently that were progressive. Where the hard work I was avoiding, I’m doing. And it took me by surprise that when I did what I truly knew needed to get done, I felt like I had more time and less to do. And that is just weird.Looking for Ease is Hard on

Remember, I’m the energizer bunny. My life coping mechanism is Industrial Overfocused with a great big dash of procrastinator. I am busy doing a lot of stuff to look like I’m earning my keep but the very things I need to do to get my stuff done, I’m not doing. Which makes me need to do a lot of other things to act like those are the things I need to do instead of that one thing that would make all the difference in the world.

Except, I went ahead and did that one thing. And you know how I did it? By telling someone else I was gonna do it. Seems I’m also an Obliger (Gretchen Rubin’s four tendencies Quiz Here) which means that to motivate myself, I need to tell someone I’m doing it. My word is much more wiggly to myself.Looking for Ease is Hard on

And suddenly, it all felt better. I was doing the very things I’d been avoiding for so long. My playtime felt like playtime, my work felt like work, and I’m actually considering a celebration at the end of all of it to mark the goal achieved and the hard work a success. And that is how you make easier happen. When we do the things that we know we need to do to get to the place we feel we must go for us, those places that feel like a destiny. Doing the work that lights up your insides leads to ease. A journey of faith perhaps yet once you get a taste for ease, you just can’t forget how sweet it is.

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  1. Diana says:

    Thanks for the perfect message for me this month!

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