First Week Of Our Creative September

A little while ago, I declared that I would be creating art everyday in September. There is a calm and a zen that takes over when one is mindful and committed to a practice. In making the practice non-negotiable, you begin to build a trust with yourself. Anxieties stand down and make room for you to express and devote to yourself through your challenge. That is some amazing mojo.

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We are what we repeatedly do.

Excellence, then,

is not an act, but a habit.”

Will Durant interpreting Aristotle

To reprogram my brain from “I won’t” or “I can’t” or “I’ll never”…be able to create daily, to I’m creating daily is a simplification, a reduction of a very powerful sort. Forgetting that we are always in charge of how we manage ourselves, our time, our good will and support, any concerted effort and focused process is bound to have us believe something new, powerful, and different about ourselves.-our-creative-september on

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After creating almost daily for a week and a half now, I am beginning to think about the next creative endeavor with anticipation. I’m far from overwhelmed, I’m intrigued. How will I fit it into my day? Will I have to put up with being pestered by my three year old? Yes. What am I in the mood for? What challenge do I want to give myself? What color is my soul in need of seeing on

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I realized yesterday that the regular expression of artwork is like allowing for my inner child to go out and play. And not allowing for it regularly is like being mean to my inner child. What kind of parent says no you can’t go out and play every single day . No you have to shop and cook and clean and mop and parent and there’s no time to play. Yuck.

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So I am instituting some self-trust here. That I will allow my inner child to play when she needs and I am certain that really important things like balancing the checkbook or doing laundry will all get done as well. I want to know that I can be relied on to allow myself the time if needed and trust that if I say no, there must be a really good reason.

I’ll be arting everyday of September. You can follow along on Instagram or Facebook if you would like to. See links below.

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  1. Dawn Pearcey says:

    I love your pastels – the colour palettes, the compositions, the drawing – so delightful! Happy art days to you!

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