Fall Fell On the Porch

With the event this weekend successfully completed, I was able to refocus on the homestead.

The porch benefited from the leftover cornstalks and pumpkins.


Stunt leaves and all.


But wait, there’s a baby who woke up and since it was such a beautiful day, what the hay. She crawls now you know.


She loves to crunch and crumble anything natural.


The corn silk was the same color as her hair. But she wanted to eat it so I tossed it aside.

She still ended up with leaf in her mouth.


Not completely done but it felt good to decorate!

See more soon.


4 Responses to “Fall Fell On the Porch”

  1. Janet says:

    How nice to see the recycling of the amazing decorations at Shalagh’s weekend event.

  2. Shalagh says:

    Oh so very nice to have you Ms. Janet, stop by and give me a nod. I give one right back to you dear friend. I only needed to be Pfeffered once.

  3. Ali Manning says:

    Your porch looks beautiful – enjoy the precious Fall weeks that we have left!

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