Dear Sweet October

Breathtaking heartbreaking October, how I love/hate you so. You come in so nonchalantly. I rose to my own yearly challenge of daily posting 31 days in a row and threw in a creative bootcamp on top. creative bootcamp product from

anniversary flowers on

Then the family fun began.

in the cornfield on Shalaveecom

mums on

pretend tractor at Fifer Farms on

Blades Orchard visit on

Fiona meets a zebra on

Fiona's first pony ride on

We had Family Fall Fun with play places and festivals, a trip to the hospital, a trip to the pumpkin patch, and then Halloween to end it all with a bang. Halloween 2015 on

Soaking up the air and the sun and the explosion of color and beautiful light before we are herded indoors to huddle around fireplaces and creatively bide our long dark days of Winter. Left only with our photos of our happy light filled days as we consider what else we’ll include next year.

The new living room that we dine in on

Fiona at breakfast on

October Dusk on

In the winter window on

Napping in my chair on

Wanna see the whole month of posts? Start here.

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4 Responses to “Dear Sweet October”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Had a dream I met Fiona 🙂 See, I really am paying attention here. xo

  2. Dorothy says:

    Phabulous photos, especially the kitty curled up at the feet.

    • Shalagh says:

      Thank you Dorothy. There was a time when I didn’t really think about my pictures. I just valued my words. Those posts are kinda ugly. I really liked that photo too.

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