Christmas Floral Designs in 2015

The beginning of the Holiday season was rather busy. I was offered an opportunity to flex my floral design wings this year and I took it. A chance to make multiple Christmas floral design pieces and decorate a Christmas tree for a house on a charity house tour. I was asked to do it so I couldn’t say no. Starting in November. I designed and shopped for every room specifically according to the dimensions of the space. I designed with silk florals, feathers, twigs, and ribbons, as well as respruced a few things my client had. front hall piece on

I took two tours of the house to see what my friend needed. And there was something to be designed for almost every room. 15 pieces plus a tree. I was extraordinarily nervous. Could I design the right stuff to fit each space and would it be funky/uptown enough for my client?

front doorh wreath on

mantel on

Her house is very beautiful and neutral and although technically I was doing Christmas floral design, she really wanted more of a winter inspired theme than Christmas.

bedroom wreath on

bathroom tall cotton piece on

bedroom piece on

bathroon cotton piece on

The tree was a collaborative effort when the client sent me a picture of what she’d seen and wanted. A very Southern sumptuous tree inspired by birds, feathers, sparkling balls, magnolia blooms, and cotton ball sprigs. The ribbon technique was also new for me and I loved it so much I used it on my tree.Southern style tree on

Southern style tree closeup on

Southern style tree topper on

Other than the tree, my favorites pieces were the front door wreath and these little trees.

bedroom Christmas tree on

bathroom Christmas tree on

These were the little angels she’d already placed in the bathroom when I showed up with this little tree which worked really well with them.

bookshelf pieces on Shalavee.comAlthough the homeowner ended up not using these pieces on either side of the mantle, I was mostly pleased with their scale and design. She felt the red in them felt too Christmassy. And maybe red flocked manzilla branches are too funky for anyone but me.

bookshelf pieces on

reindeer on a tray on

The tour was a smashing success. The tree was a collaborative effort and was the fave of the tour. People begged to have their picture taken next to the tree. I was finally able to grab some pictures of my work today and wanted to finally show everything off “in situ”. All the designs are silks except the fresh garland door wreath and the magnolia leaves used here and there.bannister swag on

Gladly, now that this is complete, I can move on to finishing my house which has been decorated in fits and spurts due to child-free time and the flu. It will all happen eventually I’m sure. Five days and counting.

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13 Responses to “Christmas Floral Designs in 2015”

  1. Suzonne says:

    Wow! You outdid yourself. Bravo!

  2. Shannon says:

    Shalagh this all is simply exquisite!! Just every little and grand part of it. Well done you!!!

  3. Dawn Pearcey says:

    Gorgeous, Shalagh! Everything is splendid and perfectly placed – a beautiful home that sparkles with your work & eye. Congratulations! I can’t wait to see your own home decor too. xo

    • Shalagh says:

      Thanks Dawn. My home is still evading my perfect stamp of approval but I know you are waiting so eventually you’ll see something. Ha!!! Happy and Merry Christmas holiday dear Dawn and thank you for your support always!!!

  4. What a nice house! I especially love the painting above the fireplace.

    • Shalagh says:

      Yes Natalie, I didn’t want to compete with that so I just did ribbons and candlesticks there. Thank you for coming and reading and commenting. I so appreciate it!!!

  5. Jennifer says:

    The wreaths are spectacular! I actually liked the pop of red on the mantels — red is a color in winter too!
    You did an amazing job — bar none.

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