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So busy these pasts couple days working to actually feel like I’m making progress. Going to do this and finding I still have to take care of that. I cleaned up the craft room so that I could start another project only to find the un-ironed clothing from months ago sitting there with cat hair on them. So many layers of leftover work.

There are boxes and piles of papers and cards and photos and art supplies here and there. Leftovers from people I was and people I thought I might be. Layers of clutter and indecision. Consideration and indecision are my masters. And I am left in the chaos in between.

layers on

As every purposeful task seems to hinge on a previously undone one. As I stumble on another layer, a wadded up incomplete project in a shelf corner, half of me wants to be OK with, “Oh but you had a baby”. But the other part wants to cry “BS”. There’s a pattern of sabotage here.

So I pulled out that ironing and began to iron only to find that at least four shirts had spots on them. Back downstairs they went to be treated. My hard work recently to shed a few pounds worked and I was cheered to try on clothing and begin the fall wardrobe change over. But that could and would have been easily thwarted with that feeling of being bloated and bulge. It seems I missed out on wearing lots of my clothing because I gave up on myself at a certain point. I can’t wear this and that dwindled my wardrobe down to a handful of OK pieces. I am going to say that shut down of possibilities happens in other areas as well.

Out the barn door on layers on

I think there’s a system of abundance and creativity that gives over to doubt and forgetfulness. I never see what I’ve accomplished. I don’t follow through completely and keep on task. I am made of layers of doubt and resentment and shame. And it’s everywhere. It’s on my body and in my closets and in my head. I’m listening harder to the reasons and excuses I come up with when I touch something or don’t touch something. And “I don’t know how to” and “ later” are two give-aways that this is the manifestation of my stuck and dealing with this particular thing is exactly what I need to be doing.

Photo Challenges

With all the photo challenges on Instagram, I have a tough time keeping track of where they’ve all been shared and seen. Not so Virgo-y of me but whatever. So I thought, before I forgot, I should share some of my favorites from this past month. I had a family themed/inspired challenge back to back with a fall colors one which ended today. I bet you can guess which is which.
outside on

Wild horse at Assateague Island, MD on

Eastern Gray squirrel on


Virginia creeper on a monument in the graveyard on photo challenges on

shots day on

bedtime giggles on

Selfie on

Fiona in the rusty radio flyer on

tickles on

under the table on

She's ready for her close up on

Halloween blue on

The Shore’s Farmlands

There’s a lot of farmland here on Maryland’s Eastern Shore (we are a state divided by a Bay ergo Eastern and Western). The climate allows for abundant and beautiful produce for its growing seasons.The Giant Sprinkler Beast Eastern Shore farmland on

The Shore’s money was made in a canning industry boom in the early part of the 20th century.  I enjoy watching the farmers in action during the harvesting seasons and the way the fields and farmlands change character with the different crops.ThA barn on Eastern Shore farmland on

 Eastern Shore farmland on And being able to see over these distances makes you feel expansive inside. As if you can sprawl out into the space and you belong to it and it to you. I grew up in a city and I was used to the claustrophobic anxious jumbled up sprawl that is a city. Plenty to keep your brain busy and your senses piqued.

A boat and soybean field on  Eastern Shore farmland on

 Eastern Shore farmland on

 Eastern Shore farmland on

But once I moved here, although I don’t much like the flatness of it all, I began to appreciate the quiet peacefulness. A sense of returning to the old and honest days, the ways of yore. Grain silo on Eastern Shore farmland on

Horses on Eastern Shore farmland on

A great place to raise children to be sure. As long as you keep them occupied and involved in their life’s interests, away from the TV, and don’t allow them on ATVs. Dangerous those. This is a place where’s there’s one traffic light between me and civilization. Traffic light on Eastern Shore on

And sometimes I traverse that road once in a week if at all. It’s the Denton/Easton road to the locals. And all but three of these pictures were taken on my journey to drop off my daughter at her Grammy’s house. Story of my day and my life, thanks for reading.

Paper Chandeliers

I was asked by the Reverend Sue Browning at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Easton, Maryland to spruce up the sanctuary with the idea of celebrating the new Fall season. After a quick perusal of Pinterest, I gathered some images together and made a design plan. Ish. I decided to create circle “chandeliers” which would hang underneath three of the existing candle chandeliers in the space. These were a few of the images I began to obsess over recreating to festoon my hanging circles.

map circle garland from

Map circle garlands

tissue tassel garland on

Tissue tassles

flower vertical garlands from

Vertical Flowers Garlands

And this is what I ended up with.

My paper chandeliers on

I used pieces of a grapevine wreath for the circle base and only spent a few dollars required to buy paint to spray them white.

The rest of the supplies like tissue paper, crêpe paper, maps from old road atlases, and the brown/kraft paper flowers, plus assorted scraps of paper (recognize Amazon wrapping paper?) were all in my possession. I just knew I’d need them someday.

My paper chandeliers on

Yes, I have lots of old ribbons too. So I began to produce quantities of the garlands and the poms to use. If I never made another tissue paper pom, it would still never make up for the quantity of pom making I can’t erase from my memory for this project.

My paper chandeliers on

My paper chandeliers on

After mostly pre-assembling the paper chandeliers and wrapping them up in sheets to go, the installation consisted of a giant ladder called a ‘Little Giant’, and an assist from my gal Alyssa Bennett, and about three and a half hours on a Friday night.

My paper chandeliers on

My paper chandeliers on

They make me so very happy.

My paper chandeliers on

And they made Rev Sue and a bunch of other folks happy too. Aesthetics win. Yay !!!

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Every year, we are lucky enough to have the Summerfest family festival explode in our front yard. This year’s theme was Cruisin’ Back to the 50’s. Booth owners (non-prof) all try to outdo each other with their themed decorations.


My husband and I were asked by the lady running the show to help hang ten original concert posters in a storefront window. And he to stage manage Friday night at the main stage. We’d do anything for Sue.

There’s fire engine rides and bouncy rides and pony rides. Three different stages, a sand sculpture and play area, and plenty of food and political parties hawking their candidates. Plus cool old cars and fireworks to cap off the end of the festivities Saturday night. All of which I can hear and see from my house here on the Green.


The weather was so incredibly mild this year that the attendance was actually down. And on Sunday, Ms. Sue comes knocking on our door for a cup of Joe and retrieves my child. It’s his yearly job to destroy the sand sculpture before the backhoe gets there. And we got fresh free sand for the sandbox.

So on Sunday, Fiona and Eamon and I hung out on the now emptied Green and played with sidewalk chalk and climbed trees. It was a lovely weekend in the neighborhood. It was Summerfestive.

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