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Pink Curtain Rods For a Prettier Window

The curtains were a two-part project. The question you should ask yourself when designing and choosing window treatments is what do you want the “curtains” to do? Are they to block light or give you privacy or make the window prettier?

bay windows in Fiona's room on

I needed one and three to happen in Fiona’s room with this design.

In the first part of the design, the mock Roman shades were my light blockers. But the bay windows still felt like they need some softening while also not covering up the bull’s eye woodwork detail around them. Sounds like a steep decorating hill to climb and it was until I stumbled on this photo from SF Bay Girl’s blog. And I knew what I had to do.

pink curtain rods above windows from SF Bay Girl blog via

I just couldn’t get over how perfect an idea this was and I began to obsess over the details. How many rings, what rods, didn’t I have this fabric, and how to get the rods hot pink? There used to be a show on HGTV that should have been called Rip Off My Room and they’d take a designer room for a bazillion dollars and recreate it for a mere 15 thousand dollars. So I said I can recreate this curtain design for under $10 and I did.curtain hardware from

Thankfully, I already had the vintage brass hardware for this project. The sheer fabric I used was from our wedding. I had draped it between the columns on the porch and put twinkle lights inside. But those curtain rods? They had to be just the right width and thickness and hot pink. Then it hit me. Hot pink duct tape. No mess and easy to cover wooden dowels pink tape on wooden dowels as curtain rods on Shalavee.comThere are a few more fun things one can do with hot pink duct tape but I’ll save those for another post. So I got my husband to cut dowels or I cut them, can’t remember, on the chop saw. Then came the installation which isn’t so easy because Old House doesn’t really like any screw you use. This crappy picture below was hastily taken to document “real progress”.Putting up the curtain rods on

Long long dry wall screws work well to go past the horse hair plaster into the lathing unless you hit a rock hard stud. There are studs in that bay window. Once I figured out how to level the dowels out, and then make sure they visually accommodated the slope of that left window and the ceiling decline toward the river, they looked great.The pink curtain rods and roman shades in Fiona's room on Shalavee.comI just clipped the fabric up, again after panicking that I didn’t have enough fabric and deliberating on having to cut it lengthwise. That was nerve wrecking considering our littlest cat Chessie really wanted to be playing with the fabric every time I touched it. On the floor, while I was on the ladder, anytime. Chessie helping with the sheers

I get points for the moving furry obstacle course with claws. Fiona's room windows completed on

And there you have it, the completely winded story of those curtains. I can not tell you enough how beautiful they are. I love them and am very impressed with myself for pulling them off. Next up is the painting of the wooden dresser.

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Fiona’s Room Reveal Starts

There’s been much ado about Fiona’s room. It was a laborious process to finish the painting and the curtains and to finally load in the room. Mostly the drama is based on the fact that it’s hard to work on her room when she’s in the house. Ironic but true. And since she’s pretty much been sitting on my head since she was born, and I have a blog and a house and another kid to run, this hasn’t always been prioritized.

Panoramic view of Eamon's room revealed on

When I did however prioritize Eamon’s room remodel before she was born, that worked out really well. So little by little, I’ve made progress on her room. To celebrate Fiona’s Second birthday this coming Thursday, March, 5th, I’m doing a week’s worth of Fiona’s room posts. Five days in a row including all the cute little projects in between, culminating in a total room reveal.

Should we start by remembering what it looked like prior to the two-year remodel? The first coat of pink paint went on September of 2013. Check out the beginning of the remodel in the Fiona’s Womb Room post. Fiona's room before the remodel  on

It went from the yellow and green combo (yes, but it was way better than the dark blue woodwork that was there when we moved in) to…

Toasted Oat wall color in Fiona's room on

the wonderful Toasted Oat color I belabored over.

Then there was the issue of the curtains. Sigh. I had my knickers in a not about the sewing. I watched helplessly as my baby slept nap after nap in a room with bald windows because I couldn’t face my sewing machine. But I changed that story because I hated retelling it. In the post Fiona’s Room Redesign Take Two last November, I finally conquered the sewing phobia and my machine. Turns out I needed to read some directions. It’s a funny read.

Contemplating the sewing project in the craft room on

So starting tomorrow, I’ll be posting daily to reveal her room bit by bit. Because it’s time to move on and celebrate Fiona’s birthday!!

My Year of Making in February

In the first week of January, following the lead of the incredibly hard-working and inspirational Kim Werker, I declared this my Year Of Making. And I have taken pictures and documented my every day process this year.

The idea was that I prioritize my creativity daily. I felt I’d not been doing this well in the past. And I quickly noticed that I do create daily even if it’s not what you think of as traditional creativity. Like mothering and feeding and writing.

Kim encouraged us to just go ahead and take any lousy picture we had the opportunity to take so we can document our progress. But if you know me, I’m incapable of taking a completely bad picture. Here’s the pictorial proof of my year of making thus far.


From the top left corner across, cards for faraway friends continue, Coffee date at Rise Up Coffee in Easton, Maryland and the pink curtain rods for Fiona’s room makeover ( reveal soon). Second row from left, My new goals board, sleeping Fiona, and another card for a faraway friend. And the bottom row from the left, one more paper feather card for a faraway friend, the remains of a waffle breakfast, and my Brazilian ham, sweet potato, and black bean soup. If you follow me on Instagram , a few of these pictures will be familiar to you.

There are many benefits to choosing to create a daily practice for yourself. The habit keeps you present and the cumulative effects plus actually seeing yourself show up are all so very worth it. I feel we’re so mindless so much of the time and like I mind so many other people so often. If I’m going to choose to mind, why not also have it be about myself. (Or I could concede to just losing my mind but that doesn’t sound like nearly enough fun.)

Expect more random Year of Making collages.

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A Moroccan Christmas Tree

This past weekend was another one crammed with creativity and good company.

A birthday party and a dear friend and her family over for dinner was then followed by the decorating of a tree to benefit the Talbot County, Maryland’s Hospice Organization. I was asked to do this tree last minute by my friend Pama, the owner of Moonvine, a little gift and lovelies shop right across Harrison Street from Gold ballroom in the Tidewater Inn in Easton, Maryland where the trees are displayed.

Hospice Festival of Trees in Easton, MD on

The ornaments are donated by the decorators and then the trees are pre-sold to local businesses and patrons. I knew that I had a few items in the attic that would create a Moroccan themed tree. Ornaments left over from my first “real” tree that I had ordered while attending the Atlanta Gift show 15 years ago back when I worked for Pama. A befitting recycling. Thankfully, the recipient of my tree is Midge, the creator of the Festival of Trees event some 20 years ago. She loved the colors and was really looking forward to having my masterpiece in her hallway. Now I really had to care what it looked like.

let the tree decorating begin on

close up of the moroccan themed Christmas tree on

I was one of the first to arrive and got right to shoving the netting in and making the ribbon weave through the tree. And when Pama entered the Gold ballroom, it was a joy to hear her exclaim happy greetings to all these women who she has worked with year after year. All day I heard her at various trees coaching the teams on how to do bows or professional festooning. It was a joy to be in the room with all these happy to be creative do-gooders and my gal Pama, aka Coach.

The festival of trees at the Tidewater Inn in Easton, MD on

The festival of trees at the Tidewater Inn in Easton, MD on

The Inn provided coffee and fruit infused water for us to sip as we stepped back to examine the trees and find the holes that needed filling. The room was full of chatter and focus and a breeze from the tented patio. Decorating my Moroccan Christmas tree must have taken me the better part of four hours to fill that tree. I was fried and happy enough at the end of the day. We will be returning next Monday for Eamon’s piano recital here in this very room. And Mark helps with the Festival of Trees fashion show too.

A Moraccan themed Christmas on

One tree down, two more to go. Hope you are inspired and let me know if I can help you with your decorating projects in any way.


Moonvine in Easton, MD : A Unique Little Shop

If it’s Black Friday, shopping locally is on my mind. Happily, my gal Pama’s shop Moonvine will be open for her second Christmas season on Harrison Street in Easton, Maryland across from the Tidewater Inn. And like last year, I plan to do some of my Christmas shopping here.

Moonvine creams at Moonvine on

Yarn ball ornaments at Moonvine on

While visiting and gathering decorations for the Moroccan themed Christmas tree for Talbot Hospice last week, I took a massive amount of pictures so I could show you the magnitude of beautiful that is Moonvine. You should all be so lucky to have this sort of shop in your town. And if you live here, stop by and tell her I sent you.

Yet another mermaid at Moonvine on

Pama’s first love is Mermaids and they are everywhere.

More mermaids at Moonvine on

Yarn mermaids at Moonvine on

She loves fairies too and you’ll find them tucked in every niche and adorning some lovely cards too.

Fairies are everywhere at Moonvine on

Greeted by a fairy at Moonvine on

Fairy cards at Moonvine on

Her mother Karen is a very talented artist and crafter and her work is everywhere you look.

Vintage and mosaic work at Moonvine on

The mosaic pieces done with vintage bits are fascinating and would be stars in a minimalistic house.

Mosaiced frame with vintage bits at Moonvine on

And the antiques strewn about the shop are also wonderful and many would make a styled shelf memorable.

Colored glassware at Moonvine on

Bust at Moonvine on

Pama is an amazing floral designer and there are beautiful florals everywhere.

Fabulous faux cotton at Moonvine on

Vintage vignette at Moonvine on

Gorgeous garland and homemade soaps at Moonvine on

She also loves quality homemade soaps and there are more than a few lovely ones to choose from.

Luxurious soaps at Moonvine on

I absolutely flipped over the library collection candles with literary names like Jane Austin and Mark Twain packaged in copper tins, they are amazing smelling too. I detest Yankee candles and while I love love love Votivo, these are really nice.

The Library candle collection at Moonvine on

The library collection candles at Moonvine on

Christmas ornaments are also a one gift hit and she’s got some lovely ones. Charming Little sea creatures and mermaids dangle everywhere.

Nodding headed turtle ornament at Moonvine on

Closeup look at the teacher fish ornament at Moonvine on

Hairdresser fish ornaments at Moonvine on

Realistic little crabs at Moonvine on

You can even take a little Eastern Shore of Maryland with you with these amazingly real crabs and cute handmade oyster shell ornaments.

Oyster shell Eastom, MD ornaments at Moonvine on

Plus … there’s the jewelry. Last year there was some fun pieces and this year, there’s plenty more. An entire case of vintage jewelry takes up one corner of the shop. And Fiona got to play with some dress up quality necklaces like she likes to do while I ran around and took my pictures.

Jewelry box at Moonvine on

The jewelry case at Moonvine on

Honestly, I was just in there and I could spend another uninterrupted hour fondling and smelling everything in the shop. A day trip here to Easton for a wander around and a nice lunch sounds like great fun before or after Christmas. Charm oozes from the cracks in the brick sidewalks here in Easton and Pama’s store is a jewel in its crown.

My post on Moonvine from July 2013 is here.

Moonvine is located at 21 A North Harrison Street in Easton, Maryland.

Visit their Facebook page here. And don’t hesitate to give her a call at 410-770-4451 for information or custom wreath requests.

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