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Beyblades, Baby, and Grammy

This past Christmas of ’13, Eamon really wanted Beyblades. They are tops people and the Japanese animation artist have created an exciting video series around them. They battle and have really cool names and talk in really high excited voices not unlike Speed Racer episodes. So I happened to take video of him “ripping” Bey Blades with his Grammy behind the sofa. Somehow, I can’t imagine anything sweeter or more life showing than this simple video of them playing. It’s so mundane, it’s precious.

Crunchy Christmas House Tour Video For 2013 -2014

The day has finally come.

I am letting go of control and inviting the world to come in for a house tour.

I’ve dreamed of this day. I knew when this day came, if I risked this much, I would be ready to risk almost anything.

So welcome to my Crunchy Christmas Video House Tour , 2013 -2014.

You get to see my downstairs dressed up in pretty holiday finery and a bonus at the end. A guest appearance.

And you get to see me in the mirror a couple of times.

Hopefully it will zing by so quickly, you won’t notice that I have my curtains tacked to the wall and one of the tacks has leaped to freedom. Or that I have not figured out what to do with the dining room or my two little ugly yellow club chairs. Ooops, did I tell you my dirty secrets? Oh well, I’m only human.

Let’s get going shall we? Welcome in.

Bally Eden’s TV Commercial

 And finally I bring you the television commercial for Bally Eden.

A 30 second spot I paid big bucks to have produced and shown on local cable.

I think HGTV was one of the stations I chose to run it on.

This was a risk for me because there was no money.

And sadly, it really didn’t drive traffic my way either.

That was me behind the counter, yes.

And a lovely lady who worked for me named Cindy was the customer.

 I’m also the magical force that opens the door in the beginning. I laid on the floor in the entry hall.

When people told me they kept meaning to stop in,

I used to say, “Brake’s on the left”.

So if you never did stop by, here’s your chance to see what you missed.

One last piece from the Bally Eden puzzle tomorrow and then Halloween week begins.

Threshermen’s Event

Down here on the “slower lower shore” in Caroline County, Maryland, they have an Annual Wheat Threshing Steam & Gas Engine Show in August. This was their 53rd. Located on the route south from Denton, Maryland to Federalsburg, this hootinanny is held in a great big field and features an antique tractor show, flea market vendors, some sort of small engine race,  and these amazing dinosaur steam-driven tractors. There are plenty of campers parked towards the back indicating it’s a weekend event for the exhibitors. And for the kids, there’s always Smokey Joe, a miniature steam-driven train.

Displays of small steam engines are set up in one area which show their application and modernization to the homes of families more than a hundred years ago. Considering that all the daily chores that people had to do like pumping water, doing wash, cutting logs, or sharpening stuff, were done by hand, the steam engine and its belts and pulleys was an enormous relief to hard-working people. It also represents the onset of the industrial age.

We think that’s fascinating history. Our kid was thinking about riding the train. And eating a snow cone. Blue raspberry with marshmallow of course. The food was scary but there was a lot to see with the demonstrations throughout the day and the multitude of antique/ flea market tables to wander around.

The show’s official opening was at 10:00 am on this first weekend in August, but we didn’t show up until noonish. The second video is a glimpse of antique farm equipment in action. Very dangerous and super cool. If you didn’t know you lived in a farming community, this is the best way to see the pride of its roots.  For details on this event for the future, go to

A Video of 3 Month Old Fiona “Talking”

Well, I already shared it with everyone on Facebook. I thought I might want to go ahead and share it with you my dear readers. orry to have neglected you. You Tube is a great idea and a pain in the buhunkis (sp?) to upload. But worth it. The video records what little babies are doing at the 3 month mark. Fascinating. Mark messed me up by clicking and recording at the same time. You can see her respond to his phone noises. Enjoy


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