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Happy Flowers and Fourth of July

I can admit without shame that I detest our country’s flag colors. Don’t get me wrong, I feel patriotic when I see red, white, and blue bunting up on people’s porches and the flag itself could bring tears to my eyes on occasion. But I really don’t find the color combination attractive otherwise.

Wanting to be patriotic for the Fourth of July, I aspired to make and take pictures that I liked and appreciated the holiday color scheme.

Purple clover too on Shalavee.comNature has a way of offering alternatives that make any color combination OK. So I endeavored to put together a little eye candy in a blue ball jar that everyone could enjoy and that paid homage to the red, white, and blue combination. Yes I pulled over and jumped out of the truck to retrieve the Queen Anne’s lace and the clover. Nothing’s too crazy for art. Especially to stare at two of my favorite flowers.

flowers in the crate on Shalavee.comQueen Anne’s lace, blue hydrangea, and Autumn Sage in a blue ball jar inside a red vintage coke crate and, stick a fork in me, I’m done. Add some vintage white doilies, a white-painted child’s school chair, and a Parcheesi board and I had a cute little photo shoot in my backyard this week. Coke crate on


parcheesi board with flowers in front on

Flowers with Parcheesi background on

Here’s to celebrating your love of freedom and beauty however you want to.

Love to our country and to all the souls in it.

Independence is a place of freedom in your heart.

Truly visit for even just a moment

and you’ll know what bliss is for your efforts.

overhead of vase on chair with parcheesi board on

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Happy 100 Days of Making

It was brought to my attention by Ms. Kim Werker, the lady who turned me onto this idea, that last Friday marked the first 100 days

for My Year of Making. You  may vaguely remember this project.

You may also remember my realization that I’m much more of a maker than I had previously recognized. March Making collage3

Either way, I kept at it, recognizing and recording every act of creativity I demonstrated each day

from cooking to picture-taking to writing to arting.  And I have these pictures to prove it. Fiona projects on

I created a collage in February to commemorate my first month of making which you can see here . This project is important to me because I tend to not appreciate the cumulative effect of my life and experiences.

But this project really forces me to keep an eye the quantity of my creativity in front of me.

And I recognized that I’m an uber-creative.Making collage on

So here’s to 256 more days of keeping track of my making madness because, like it or not,

I’m on a making roll that will last a year. And probably a lifetime.

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Tissue Tassels

I can say that one of the biggest perks to having a party is the decorating. My long-standing affinity for paper decoration is due to its versatility and low-cost. There was that one time my friend and I decorated the most store windows in Denton’s downtown. White paper, shelf paper, cardboard, and tissue paper were our supplies totaling under one hundred dollars. It was the labor that was the killer. Well, I have tissue paper still left over from that project. And when I thought about how I wanted to decorate Fiona’s birthday party, hot pink was definitely a color I was using. And seeing as my friend and I have sworn never to do tissue Poms again, tissue tassels seemed to need trying. Because … Easy.

tissue paper tassels from

One sheet of tissue paper will make a pretty fat tassel.

In fact they turned out more like cheerleading pom poms than tassels.

And I didn’t mind that at all.

tissue paper tassels from

Fold the tissue paper in thirds long ways.

The height of your tissue after this step will be however tall your tassel will be.

tissue paper tassels from

Cut the fold along the bottom to open it up for the fringing part at the end.

And yes, that’s me using my really nice fabric scissors. Because they’re sharp.

tissue paper tassels from

Fold the paper over on itself.

You’ll be repeating yourself like short-term memory gal in a moment.

tissue paper tassels from

Cut along that newly created fold leaving the tissue attached at the top by a little.

tissue paper tassels from

Rinse and Repeat.

tissue paper tassels from

And again until you really can’t fold over any more.

tissue paper tassels from

Now cut your fringe.

By folding it a bunch of times, this cutting part will take like ten snips.

tissue paper tassels from

When you’re done fringing, simply roll the top edge up and secure with some tape.

And voilà, paper pom-pom, I mean tassel.

tissue paper tassels from

You could actually cut the piece of tissue in half at the end and have two tassels if you wanted to save effort. The impact would be the same. I just adore their playful spirit and their texture. Plus, the cats loved them. It was the most entertaining watching the little cat standing on her back paws on the back of the club chair trying to balance and play with the tassel in the doorway. Happy tassel making and please feel free to ask me anything paper decorating oriented.

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The Curtains : Fiona’s Room

Fiona’s Room Reveal started yesterday. First up on the show and tell stage are the curtains. Ah the curtains. Long story short, they were a long story that needed an ending. I had a sewing phobia. And I got over it. Because I was silly and the room hinged on their completion. The story told in full and funnily is here.

Looks like I may be sewing afterall on

The loose Roman shade design was based on some shades I saw on the Hunted Interior but I didn’t want to have to tie them up every time thus the velcro straps. First, I did a Pinterest perusal to feel the project. hand gathered roman shade inspiration on

This one was for a boy’s room. I loved the suspender straps and if I could have found three pairs of overalls, I’d have lopped off the straps with hardware in a heartbeat and used those instead of the velcro/ fake buttons gimmick.

curtsin tie up close up on

I wanted a roman shade feeling but looser. Decided to gather them up by hand and used Velcro on ends of my jean tie ups made from Mark’s old jeans and vintage buttons. The jean fabric inspiration was from the pops of navy in the curtain fabric plus I thought it was a bit of tomboy to go with the floral. I’m good at the finger pleating but my husband is not so you’ll note a difference in the quality of pleating in the window treatment shots.

I used some beautiful silk blend curtain panels I’d gotten from the Goodwill in Bridgeville, Delaware while shopping with my bestie during our monthly shop and lunch chow down at Jimmy’s Grill (fried chicken, sweet potato, and slaw). I am a sucker for fabric especially when it feels vintage. Yet I don’t always actually use it for all my good intentions. So this was really a necessary for me to use what I’d bought. This fabric was also the inspiration for a lot of the other art and color touches in the room. Fiona's room Curtains with no rods on

Sadly, a project also can’t happen for me without some sort of crisis. At first it was the sewing machine. Then it was figuring out how to use two fabric panels to cover the three windows in the bay window configuration. I was stumped and unhappily trying to figure out a work around when it occurred to me to turn the huge fabric panels sideways. They were that big. Eureka, I had enough without piecing them together.

Also the tie-ups ended up different lengths and I mistakenly used sticky back Velcro which the sewing machine hated me more for. At first, I installed the flat wooden pieces that the fabric is stapled to with just one screw each to just “See how to do it”. This used to be known as jury rigging.  But then I spent another hour later on to correct all of my half butt jobs. I did it darn it. Next up is the rod design and second layer of the curtains which make the window ensembles completely fabulous !!!

Fiona’s Room Redesign Take Two

So I have this not good thing about sewing. We all have our things. And sewing is one of mine.

Sewing and I used to be like this. But then several factors helped to make it a thing.

Contemplating the sewing project in the craft room on

#1 – My husband got me a new machine at some point which was a nice thing but the new machine is so inferior to my hand-me-down thrift store machines of yore. Sigh.

#2 – My son then touched the buttons and knobs at least twice obliterating all tension settings. And now I can never seem to get a decent stitch.

# 3 – My mom likes to sew and thereby proves a theory I have. Women who’s Mom’s sew don’t like it much and women who’s Mom’s never sewed are sewing enthusiasts. (She helped with the chandelier chain covers and recovered pillows for Eamon’s room make over.) It’s a mother daughter punk out thing. If they want you to, you don’t want to.

the bay windows in Fiona's room on

Curtains have yet to be made for Fiona’s room. Remember the first Fiona’s Womb Room post and the three bay windows? I’ve come up with nothing. She naps just fine in the bright daylight so my excuse has been that I just can’t figure out what design I wanted. Until this week.

I was finally helped out of the think box by none other than my Mom. It turned out that the convoluted plans I had to make do with my two thrifted curtain panels were really unnecessary since I in fact did have enough fabric to not have to piece anything together.

Here’s my inspiration pictures for the window treatment for Fiona’s room redesign.

hand gathered roman shade inspiration on

Project Kid Blogger Amanda Kingloff’s DIY baby’s room


pink curtain rods above windows on

From SF Girl By the Bay blog, those pink rods above the bay windows !

Here’s me hard at work today.

Looks like I may be sewing afterall on

I'm sewing these daggone curtains on

Aerial view f my sewing on

There was a lot of resistance at first. Excuses that always get in the way are

#1 – the baby was going to be napping and my craft room is next to her room.

#2 – The craft room is cramped for sewing purposes.

#3 – I have to measure. Ugh.

#4 – Tension problems, see above number list. 

Then I just moved the sewing machine and ironing board downstairs to spread out. So now I kinda had to do it. But my brain futilely fought. Irritated with this chore I’d so skillfully managed to put off for these past 2 years, my brain didn’t want to think for several minutes. But I had made a promise to myself that I’d do my darndest to finish by this weekend when my friend comes for dinner. And drove over the toes of my resistance.

Here’s all the cats and children participating.

Mr Crackers is helping me sew on

I threw Chessie off the fabric like Four times on

Fiona with my sewing machine pedel on

Mr. Crackers posing on the Thinking Chair with the curtain fabric. Miss Chessie had to be tossed off the table like four times. And Fiona snagged the foot pedal and dragged it and the extension cord around the house.

The painting and these curtains were my breakthrough tasks. Almost there finally. Of course you know, while trying to finish these curtains off with a nice top stitch three inches in from the edge, I ran out of thread and the stitch then got messed up again. But perseverance actually makes you feel better about yourself where giving up does not. Stay tuned for the upcoming results.


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