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Balloons Festooned With Circle Patterns

As I was decorating for Fiona’s party, I remembered we had left over helium from her home-coming gifts a year ago.

I also had some cream balloons in my stash.

Having just bought a copper sharpie, I immediately thought how fun it would be to decorate the balloons with a pattern.

Eamon's circle's picture from Shalavee.comI’ve been obsessed with Eamon’s circle pattern ever since he brought it home from school.

I have wanted to put it on a pillow at least.

Doing the circle art on the balloons for Fiona's party on

So I just asked him to copy his own artwork onto the balloons. I blew them up and them clipped them with large and medium-sized bullclips and he did his art thing.

Circle art on balloons for

Circle pattern balloons from

They made me happy. Although the pattern was harder to see once they were floating in the air.

paper feathers and circle arted balloons for

This is how the paper feathers and the balloon looked together. I was thrilled with how it all turned out.

The party table with the balloons from

There is something so cool about customizing your balloons. But I’m still not done with that circle pattern.

My Finished Rocking Chair For Rock On Talbot Humane 2014

I have finished my charity chair project. I put three coats of polyurethane on the chair, dragged her inside for a photo shoot in Fiona’s room, and then delivered her to the Talbot Humane Society today. She’ll be named “Oh, Promise Me !”, as that was the song by Clement Scott on old sheet music I ended up using for some of the decoupage. So without further ado, I give you the pictures of my version of the gorgeous cedar Adirondack rocking chair I volunteered to decorate to be auctioned off for the benefit of the Humane Society in Talbot County, Maryland, USA, in May, 2014.


Oh, Promise Me!, decoupaged Adirondack rocking chair on

Oh, Promise Me!, decoupaged Adirondack rocking chair on

Oh, Promise Me!, decoupaged Adirondack rocking chair on

Oh, Promise Me!, decoupaged Adirondack rocking chair on

The hidden animal on the decoupaged rocking chair on

Oh, Promise Me! music by Clement Scott decoupaged onto the rocking chair on

Fiona was really sad when I told her the chair was for a charity event and wasn't going to stay in her room,

Fiona was really sad when I told her the chair was for a charity event and wasn’t going to stay in her room.

If you’d like a look into my creative process for this chair, look at this post. And extra good news, my chair will be living at Moonvine during the month of April with Pama’s beautiful stuff. If you’d like to take a closer look, visit her shop at 22 N.Harrison Street near the Goldborough Street intersection in Easton, Maryland.

My Kid’s Halloween Costumes Through the Years

I started to think how neat it would be to put together a post of all the pictures of Eamon’s Halloween costumes though his life. I madly dug through every suitcase and picture file to find these. I’m missing a few but if I do find them, they can be added. This is my “Halloween memories of my kid” post and welcome to it.Halloween stuff 001 - Copy

This was in Miss Tara’s three year old’s day care class. Eamon’s the sullen looking spider on the left.


The next year, the Transformer Optimus Prime. He just called him Primus.

Eamon and Josh trick 'r treating

The next year, it was The other flavor Transformer, Bumblebee. He went trick or treating with Josh.

Eamon as a mummy

This next year is the year of the homemade mummy costume. We love to pose in front of our neighbor’s fence.


Trick or treating with our pal Graham and his little sister Ava. Recognize her costume?

Pottery barn kids money needed to be spread out a little more before I let it go.

No, you can't come Butthead

The next year, he wanted to be a ghost. He was telling Butthead he couldn’t come trick or treating with us.

Butthead had his grand adventure in Easton a year before.

Meme 's ghostie

Every year, on our way to trick or treat, we stop at our neighbor Meme’s house. Every year, I take a picture  of this event.

Graveyard ham

Having misplaced my camera, I had broken down and bought a new one that very day. Because I needed this shot.DSC03448

Dias de la Meurta costume from 2012. He looked super cool. I did my face up too. The weekend of Frankenstorm.

How fun to see them all again in one place. I’m missing the one when he was 6 months dressed as a pumpkin and up on the Halloween dinner table. Traditionally we have tomato soup, grilled cheese, and chips. Until that became a bad thing. Trouble at the table part one.

And this year, back to the bought costume with a cool Ninja with blue accents and daggers.

Eamon will have come up with a super cool name, list of powers, and back-story by the end of the week.

Stay tuned for Mark and my costumes next.

Brown Paper Flowers

I love brown paper stuff. It’s the paper version of burlap I suppose.

I’ve discovered that the brown paper flowers can be used in all sorts of applications. Centerpieces and wall decor and Christmas ornaments.


Paper bags weren’t in abundance at my house so

upcycling went extremist when I grabbed the cat litter bag and used it to craft flowers.


There are two layers of brown paper beyond the colored bag covering.


I cut out scalloped edged circles in varying sizes from the bag.


Then I take the circles and twist, crumple and ruffle them while pinching the stem area.

And after placing smaller inside larger flowers, I poke a wire through the whole deal and twist.

Hot gluing them together is advisable even with the wiring.


Tada, brown paper flowers.

Last year at Christmas, I used them on the tree. I even dipped some of the edges in glue and glitter.

From, brown paper flowers on a trellis/baby gate

But the best use of them was this wall piece I made from a baby gate. Sideways, it became a trellis and the ribbon a vine.


I ‘ve glued fabric rosettes between the “petals” and clustered them in purple plastic flower pots with mini sand bags inside as centerpieces for a fundraising event. And glued fall leaves I sprayed with polyeurothane for fall centerpieces in plastic pots too.

Dipping the paper flowers into plaster of paris or spray painting them may be other fun ways to manipulate them. But what I love the most is that they are a huge visual bang for no money. Love them. Even though they may smell like dusty clay cat litter.


I needed to go visit my dear friend Pama last week and let her hold my Fiona. I was never more impressed than when she held Eamon as a baby and lolled him and rocked him like the pro that she is. She is an Easton shop owner. And the newest Moonvine that I walked into last week was full of stuff and as beautiful as ever.


She was in the middle of the Plein Air competition week. And had an artist actually painting in the store for the last three days.DSC01123

Many of you may not know but I used to be a shop owner. A story I will soon tell here.

Before I had my shop, I worked at an adorable little shop called Moonvine in Easton. Gifts and art and flowers and fairies. Lovely.DSC01129




Oh so many years ago, 2000 AD, Moonvine was on Goldsborough Street, between the coffee shop and the ice cream place. My sister insisted that we wander in and we met the incredibly talented Pama. I asked her to do my wedding flowers and I later ended up being her employee before I left to do my own shop thing.


Pama moved her beloved Moonvine to Bethany Beach for a short while, took a hiatus, and now is back and reopened on Harrison Street where the consignment store Frugalicious used to be. There’s a bit of musical chairs going on with some businesses down in E-town. Anyways.





Pama’s style is eclectic and romantic and funky. She celebrates the artists of hand painted mermaids, of decoupaged furniture, and beautiful wire and bauble jewelry. There’s antique china, glassware, and floral arrangements in darling little containers. Add some smelly good stuff and cards and it’s Moonvine as always.





There is an item here for everyone. You may think it’s over the top because it is and so full of surprises (tarantula in a paper weight?)

But you just might disc0ver  an original card, a plate exactly like your Grandmother used for special occasions, or a piece of jewelry perfect for you wacky aunt.


I rediscovered my friend Pama and her joy and talent for pretty making and holding babies. And for that, I am grateful.

 As of March 2013, Moonvine is now located at 22 North Harrison Street in downtown Easton, Maryland in the USA.

Pama’s hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 -5pm. Telephone (410) 770-4451

Facebook page is here.

And an article from Attraction Magazine


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