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Muchier and Truthier

In the beginning of the year, I felt stronger. I might have had some goals and some purpose. My fellow bloggers did too. They were all picking out their words for the year and saying how they missed themselves. How they wanted to feel muchier and more truthful. Truthier. I can totally get with that as I don’t even remember the path that I may have strayed from. I have blogging amnesia. So without further adieu, I give you myself and my blog’s purpose and progress as I see it.

My name is Shalagh and I have written this blog for three years. I began this because I needed to practice my writing. It was lonely and full of doubts at first. Then I found my voice. And I kept using it. I am not as published as I’d like in alternates spaces but I have found people online and made connections I never knew were possible. And if I asked them, they’d help me. I just tend to ask the wrong things of the wrong people and see the imminent demise of my effort as a character flaw in myself.

muchier and truthier me from

I discovered I am both verbal and visual and in need of expressing and balancing both. Where I began here with all words, I then included pictures more and more. Now I am focusing on a balance of the two. A reformatting of the site has been long overdue but I am still looking for definition and branding for what my “thing” is.It may be apparent to everyone but me I fear.

I used to be funny and then I got serious and now I like to be both. My need to always be different makes it difficult for me to do what everyone else is doing and just fit in. I used to love to cuss, at least in person and I find its gratuitous usage in print annoying, but I am finding it hard to contain myself recently with the chaos that’s the onset of toddlerhood. I am a personal essayist who need to get myself published.

I keep looking for that grand master plan that will allow me to see the purpose of my life and direction I need to be headed. But I can tell you that may be a ruse. That I tend to make it harder than it should be is something I’m meditating on now. That I am very much who I am and still have yet to meet her, that is the muchier and truthier part of the story.

If you didn’t get a chance to play with/fill out my fun Questionnaire, you can do so here.

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And, as always, Thanks to you for your visit.



Sunday’s Post

If you were with me last year here on Shalavee, you may remember my crazy post each day for a month stunt. The theme was pretty pictures. And it was nearly the death of me when, in the middle of that nonsense, I found out I was nominated somehow for the best Family blogs by Moms on the Circle of site. Yes I reached #36. It was a hard battle because asking for people to support and vote for me does not come easily. So first, please do not tell me if I’m nominated again. I can’t take the stress of asking for people to like me now. But second, if you haven’t noticed, I’m going ahead and posting every day as much as I can for this month. Because why not? So keep you eye’s peeled as I have a bunch of different sorts of posts coming. And please, if you can’t read them all, don’t feel guilty. Read when and what you can and delete the rest. My blog and I do not want to keep you a hostage. I will keep writing, you read what you can. OK?

Blogger Meetup info link

Meanwhile, I’m two weeks out from my first Eastern Shore Bloggers Meet-up . Conceived of and organized by moi, I’m kinda nervous but I know that even if three people come, we will connect and talk and feel cheered and that’s the purpose. I wanted to feel sad today when I realized that I’d missed a deadline to get the word out. I decided that there are always first events and the word spreads and the second event is a little more meaningful. That’s the way I’m rewriting that story. I am not rally good at any of this promotional stuff believe it or not. It’s a science and I’m an artist. But my heart is always in the right place.

the river from the heritage center on

So keep your eyes peeled for the next post from the grab bag and if you live on the Eastern Shore aka Delmarva, and you know someone who would enjoy the bloggers meet-up, let them and/or me know about the meet-up.

Love to you and yours from me and mine,



Heads-Up Here

I’m just putting a heads-up into your heads.

I shot the As-Is House Decorating Video Tour. I walk through the house and talk about how I’m working on being OK where I am instead of focusing on all the stuff I’m not getting to and being frustrated by. It’s going live on Friday. No edits, no big house makeover reveals. Just my house as it was the day I shot it which was a week earlier.

bacon breakfast on

I also pulled together a food post with many photos. A drooler for sure. That’s scheduled for tomorrow.

ice cream in a ball jar from

And…………… I pulled together a Newsletter to fill everyone in on all of this. I have been nervous to send anything out. There hasn’t been a newsletter sign-up form because my technophobia is like a large immoveable grumpy dog at the front door. But I went ahead and put a sign up form on the blog now. Such as it is. I’d love to send out quarterly newsletters summarizing my doings and bringing a little personal happy to everyone’s in-boxes. Next up? More writing submissions and an Etsy shop. Because they’re on my goals list, that’s why. And because I’m terrified of both.

If you enjoyed what you read, subscribe, via the subscription box in the sidebar, to my thrice weekly posts via your emailbox. And visit me on Instagram to see my daily pictures, friend me or like my page on Facebook. Or come find me on Twitter or Pinterest too. I am always practicing Intentional Intouchness so chat at me please. I live for conversations.

And, as always, Thanks to you for your visit.

The Producers

I had a freakout yesterday. A “their oranges and my apples” kind of moment not dissimilar to the one I had the day I went to the library looking for permission to become a writer. Then, overwhelmed by the walls surrounding me filled with books and magazines written by a multitude of published people, I wanted to give up. Stop and not try. But I stood there and said,”You’re going to write something too.” And I still am years later.

Yesterday, I opened an email from an organization that is the penultimate of bloggers training and incubation. Alt Summit was looking for guest posters. And the list of subject topics proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am a certified know nothing when it comes to the actual practice of blogging. I deemed myself inadequate and that was that. breaking bread on

I’ve been blogging for just about three years. In fact today is that anniversary. And still, I am more than clueless about this process. Like learning a foreign language and simultaneously cruising around in a wheelchair for the first time, I’m dangerously listing to one side about to topple over because my brain can’t handle all the input.

My learning curve keeps expanding out in front of me. Like that pull focus Hitchcock trick in the movies where the hall suddenly gets 30 feet longer and you feel like you’ve been running in place, I’m not getting anywhere and the end of the hall is further than when I started.watching the bird butts on the roof from

I have thought of the bloggers who started ahead of me as the Producers. They’ve been given the magic spells to unlock the secret blog success formula. They progress with capabilities and rate sheets. They have sponsors, followers, methods, platforms. And they’re super nice which makes it better and worse.

As I move from my closet woodwork and befriend my big sisters, I can not help but still feel that my trick bag is empty. The only certainty I have is that I write compelling well written content. This I know. Which is a big something. The rest, the deserving and the wherefores of branding, I’m working on these as I speak. There’s no tidy little package to offer or pill to take to suddenly know it all. Sorry, Charlie.Seagull butt on the roof on

I’m messy and long winded. But I’m inspired every day to share what interests me with a faceless audience. Weird, huh? I may have to act like a buffoon but move on I must. So I puzzle out my place, my worth, my path one day, one post, and one communication at a time.

I am nothing if not ever hopeful. Do I wish my learning curve was less steep? Yes. Do I believe I have less to bring than everyone else? Nope. I just need to do a lot of hard work, see me for me, and ask to receive a little help from the producers.

The Questionnaire is Here!

I promised to create this questionnaire in this post about my blog intentions. I even bolded the promise. And it sat on my to do list for this long. I finally got over my technophobic blockage and played with the program. Seems, they were right. This really was simple and very pretty. So without further adieu, I give you my new Typeform Questionnaire. Thanks for sticking with me.

Bubblegum photo credit: Nuwandalice via photopin cc

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