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Blog Suicide

Don’t stop me if I’ve told you this because I’m going somewhere different with it today. A thoughtful and somewhat sad place but I can’t stop thinking about it.

I started blogging with truly no clue about blogging. I did it because someone I knew said I should. I’d never really even read a blog. And I just began. What’s followed is a lot of blood, sweat , and tantrums.

I have stayed the course though and am glad I did because of the growth I have experienced both as a writer and as a human being who needed to prove my worth and the value of human connection. But you don’t get to enjoy the lessons unless you go the distance.

This can be a very solitary practice. So many sources of input vying for your attention that I feel lucky if anyone reads my blog. Please don’t feel bad that you don’t comment either. Those that can do. Purposes of entertainment are personal to everyone. And I can remember being reluctant to comment once too.

I have been online now long enough to see some of my fellow bloggers discontinue their blogging. One gal got a full-time job. Two just sort of stopped publishing posts and show up to “like” something every once in a while. But the one that upset me the most was a gal who I almost met this past Summer at the Blog U conference. She committed blog suicide.

I was just about to write a piece on how upset I was about her abrupt disappearance when Robin Williams took his life. And the death of this wonderful and beloved man seemed too tragic to even use the word suicide in any other context. But I do feel a kind of concern for this gal’s welfare and here’s why.

There’s a community here online and when you connect with people, they’re just like the people you know from your everyday life. Like your mail carrier or your bus driver. They make you happy when they chat with you. But then what if you heard them start to say that you were so pretty and that they could never consider themselves pretty. Or that you were smart and they just knew they were dumb. And then one day they were missing from their job permanently.

This gal praised me and I was so flattered but I felt that shift into implosion. Suggestions of unhappiness and unworthiness and anxiety. And then wham, she was missing. She had deleted her blog address and all of her social media outlets. I wanted to scream out, why? One of ours was gone. Many of us new bloggers have felt that wavering doubt of that first year of blogging. I understand low self-esteem so well. I comprehend comparing myself to other bloggers and writers (and designers) and feeling crappy about me. And I guess I am reminded again of how I love doing this and how tenuous our bonds with others really are.

So Jean, if you are still reading my blog, know that I heard your distress and felt absolutely powerless to help you. I did notice you go missing. I am not a more talented a blogger or writer or mother than you are. I hope that you and your children are well and looking forward to a happy holiday season. And that if you ever needed an ear or anything I have to give you, I am still here. Imprisoned in this box but also out in the world contributing my soul and gathering happiness anyway I can.



What I Want You To Think of Me

At the same time that I don’t want to need to ask your permission to be myself, I am feeling like I also need someone to tell me what I’m supposed to be and do. We have so much invested in what we perceive others are thinking of us. We’ll never really know what they think but boy do we all believe we’re Amazing Kreskins. Mind readers unite!

But with a public platform and a “brand”, there’s a conflict between wanting you to think of me in a certain way , and not wanting to care what you think and do my thing. I am trapped in a place between.

Fiona's fond of the Ravens flamingo on

I’m naturally codependent so I already want you to like me. Put the added pressure around creating a “face’ and a “thing” that you will like when all I really want to do is just be me. As a person who feels she is way more than can be condensed , I’m done before I begin. What I want you to think of me just got exhausting. And now I understand why these high school girls have suffered breakdowns over their “personas”. Poor things. In my shadow

Truthfully, I’m always concerned that I sound like a fake, That what I’m preaching isn’t what I’m practicing.Frankly, even when you think “I’ve got this”, and it seems like I’ve got this, I have it and the next minute, I don’t  But the truth is that I tell the truth always. And for that fact, I’ll never be a fake. Just a human being with an ebb and flow of doubt.

Walking the line in the monkey shoes on

Foot nailed to the floor, I continue to listen to everything everyone says to me as I cull my important thoughts and passionate rants into something that seems to represent me. I am looking for the me that I like to be. This will all get easier once I’ve decided which me to stand in. I just need to decide. This is all low self-esteem hangover stuff.

My kindest wish for you is my hope that you know and like yourself today and everyday.

Bloggers Meet-Up

I got this idea into my head that my geographical area here on the Delmarva peninsula, with its multitude of writers, needed an opportunity to network and connect on the subject of blogging. That the people who are timid to start need support. And the people who have started need camaraderie, commentators, and technical reference resources. I had the idea to create a bloggers’ meet-up. I think it’s a really good idea. Really.

So my friend Christina created a graphic for me and helped disperse the event information. I was excited to be available to help all the people that I just knew needed a network or support or a new direction. And when the day finally came last Sunday, I took my cookies over to the Rural Life Museum here in downtown Denton to meet and greet whomever would show up.

Rural Life museum in Denton for the Blogger's Meet-up on


Thankfully, the someones who showed up for this maiden Meet-up were near and dear to me and they came armed with a mission. And I can say that I helped them to move from a concept to some action steps for their blog that make sense of what they’ve considered. In other words, I helped them. And that made my ever-loving day. We answered their “Why” for blogging and that freed them to move onto the how.

Rural Life museum in Denton for the Blogger's Meet-up on

If you live here on the Delmarva peninsula, are considering starting, or have a blog and need support, and you missed the bloggers meet-up event this weekend, I am planning to have an encore meet-up in maybe February of 2015 when we all have really nothing better to do but get out and on with our lives. Looking forward to that and please, if there are questions or discussions that need to happen earlier, please don’t hesitate to ask and talk to me here or at any other communication platform you and I share. There are links on the sidebar and in the paragraph below.




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And, as always, Thanks to you for your visit.

Muchier and Truthier

In the beginning of the year, I felt stronger. I might have had some goals and some purpose. My fellow bloggers did too. They were all picking out their words for the year and saying how they missed themselves. How they wanted to feel muchier and more truthful. Truthier. I can totally get with that as I don’t even remember the path that I may have strayed from. I have blogging amnesia. So without further adieu, I give you myself and my blog’s purpose and progress as I see it.

My name is Shalagh and I have written this blog for three years. I began this because I needed to practice my writing. It was lonely and full of doubts at first. Then I found my voice. And I kept using it. I am not as published as I’d like in alternates spaces but I have found people online and made connections I never knew were possible. And if I asked them, they’d help me. I just tend to ask the wrong things of the wrong people and see the imminent demise of my effort as a character flaw in myself.

muchier and truthier me from

I discovered I am both verbal and visual and in need of expressing and balancing both. Where I began here with all words, I then included pictures more and more. Now I am focusing on a balance of the two. A reformatting of the site has been long overdue but I am still looking for definition and branding for what my “thing” is.It may be apparent to everyone but me I fear.

I used to be funny and then I got serious and now I like to be both. My need to always be different makes it difficult for me to do what everyone else is doing and just fit in. I used to love to cuss, at least in person and I find its gratuitous usage in print annoying, but I am finding it hard to contain myself recently with the chaos that’s the onset of toddlerhood. I am a personal essayist who need to get myself published.

I keep looking for that grand master plan that will allow me to see the purpose of my life and direction I need to be headed. But I can tell you that may be a ruse. That I tend to make it harder than it should be is something I’m meditating on now. That I am very much who I am and still have yet to meet her, that is the muchier and truthier part of the story.

If you didn’t get a chance to play with/fill out my fun Questionnaire, you can do so here.

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And, as always, Thanks to you for your visit.



Sunday’s Post

If you were with me last year here on Shalavee, you may remember my crazy post each day for a month stunt. The theme was pretty pictures. And it was nearly the death of me when, in the middle of that nonsense, I found out I was nominated somehow for the best Family blogs by Moms on the Circle of site. Yes I reached #36. It was a hard battle because asking for people to support and vote for me does not come easily. So first, please do not tell me if I’m nominated again. I can’t take the stress of asking for people to like me now. But second, if you haven’t noticed, I’m going ahead and posting every day as much as I can for this month. Because why not? So keep you eye’s peeled as I have a bunch of different sorts of posts coming. And please, if you can’t read them all, don’t feel guilty. Read when and what you can and delete the rest. My blog and I do not want to keep you a hostage. I will keep writing, you read what you can. OK?

Blogger Meetup info link

Meanwhile, I’m two weeks out from my first Eastern Shore Bloggers Meet-up . Conceived of and organized by moi, I’m kinda nervous but I know that even if three people come, we will connect and talk and feel cheered and that’s the purpose. I wanted to feel sad today when I realized that I’d missed a deadline to get the word out. I decided that there are always first events and the word spreads and the second event is a little more meaningful. That’s the way I’m rewriting that story. I am not rally good at any of this promotional stuff believe it or not. It’s a science and I’m an artist. But my heart is always in the right place.

the river from the heritage center on

So keep your eyes peeled for the next post from the grab bag and if you live on the Eastern Shore aka Delmarva, and you know someone who would enjoy the bloggers meet-up, let them and/or me know about the meet-up.

Love to you and yours from me and mine,



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