About Me

Who and Where Am I

I was born, and remain, Shalagh Hogan. Pronounced Shay-la, Shalagh is a Gaelic (Irish) name plucked from an Irish poem somewhere in the 60’s.

I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and fell in love with Mark, a lighting director, swell guy, who became my second husband after we bought an old house on the Choptank River on the Eastern Shore of Maryland on the East Coast of the United States. I said goodbye to my city dwelling past and hello to a provincial town living future. At age 38, I had my son Eamon , now 15, and then my second child Fiona, now 7,  at 46 years old. We have three indoor cats named Pee-Wee, Mr Crackers, and Chessie. And one outdoor cat, Mrs Cheesewheat.


But Really, Who Am I

Most importantly, I am a Seeker, a Sage, an Artist, a Designer, a Mother, and a Good Friend. I am a Blogger and a Writer and I value the authenticity of my voice. I define myself equally by both my roles as Mama/Nest-maker and Artist/Writer/Creative. I strive to notice and capture both in words and pictures the larger truths of life from my daily observations while I manage our household, mother my children, design events, or make pretty paper cards.

I love connecting with people, taking pictures of what I see, traveling, aesthetics and design, old stuff, words that move me, and new music. I love to hear my children giggling, kitties purring, house wrens chirping, and my boy playing piano.

My Why

My purpose, my greater Why, is to live a happy creative life and to inspire myself and others on in passionate journeys of self-discovery. Because…

 No One Is Alone.

Because there’s my telling and your reading and the place in between where the knowledge and the understanding is shared, generously given and gratefully accepted.

And that is where I want to live always.

I believe in Hope, Potential, Change, Empowerment, the power of Creativity, Self-Improvement and Discovery, and the healing power of making Friendships and Connections.

If you want to know more…


On Becoming Me

I have been on a hard march to discover myself for some time now. And I can say, I’ve come a long way.

You can learn a lot about me in my post entitled I Am What I Am.

And a little more tongue and fun cheek in my post Blog Tag : The A to Z of Me.


On being a writer on

On Being a Writer

I think I have always been a writer. When I was 12, my English teacher Mrs. Johnson had us start a journal. Each of my journal entries were written in a different color magic markers. They are in a storage box and mark the beginnings of a lifetime of journaling.

Only after I shut down Bally Eden, my antiques and gift shop, and came home with my toddler son, did I pursue writing publicly. I was terrified if I took it out of my pocket, I’d kill my secret love. Instead, it grew.

On Being a Blogger

I began blogging on Shalavee (Chez La Vie) in 2011 intending to practice my writing and be published elsewhere. This was a terrifying and stupendous decision which has made me a better writer and I finally realized, I’m a personal essayist. I have since taught a workshop on blogging entitled The Why Will Tell You How and have made friends and a tribe all over the world.

I’m a recluse from a rough start finally coming out to play. My writing and my spirit have grown and to my great joy, I have discovered that the world is full of wonderful women who like me, are also searching for themselves. I’m sharing my journey here in the hope that I bring inspiration to others as well as to myself.

Finished Floor cloth for the solstice decorations on

On Being an Uber-Creative

I also realized this year that I am an uber-creative. My brain is filled with concepts I’m pondering, Essays I want to write, pictures to be taken, and rooms to redesign. I adore paper creations like cards or decorative design elements as well as installations for events or shop windows. I love color and texture and good design. And I believe in the immense power of creativity.

I believe we have the ability to love ourselves by finding something we love in ourselves while we do it. And creativity will eradicate the mental pain we feel if we valued it enough to follow our passions.

On Being a Friend

I believe friendships are the truest mirrors to ourselves. As I gather my life lessons from even the smallest life occurrences and discover my purpose of sharing these ahas and hopes,  I’ve been rewarded with is the kindness of strangers and connections that have become friendships. I never never never would have thought this would happen. Kind People are a miracle and they’re everywhere.

My 9 Year Blogaversary on

On Being a Mother

I have a tug of war between being a creative and being a mother. I am a maker no matter what, I decided. As a mother, I find it devastatingly sad that the act of becoming a mother can take the esteem away and make you feel like a failure. We never have to be alone or feel hopeless or powerless with the amazing communicating resources at our disposal. I suffered from Post-partum depression after having my first child and my esteem was low. Had I connected with the people I now have in my life, it would have been easier. Easier is always good.

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And, as always, Thanks to you for your visit.


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