A Bump in My Summer Road

I need to share a little bump in my road that happened at the end of the school year that I had to recover from. On top of having all the end of year concerts and recitals and parties, a mix-up at the pharmacy led to an unintentional cold turkey off of my new anxiety meds. This was something my doctor said Do Not Do.

A bump in my Summer Road on

When I became weepy and had a constant stomach ache, I knew something was wrong. I’d been taking the wrong prescription and since I never have my contacts in yet when I take my medicines, it was a while before it got straightened out.

This was the first year that I went on vacation and didn’t feel all whacked out from anxieties while I packed, traveled, and stayed at our Ocean City, Maryland getaway. We all had fun and relaxed. And that’s what a vacation is supposed to be about. Whoda Thunk?

A bump in my Summer Road on

These are the concepts I’m coming back to this week and today that are grounding me and guiding me toward a better Summer.

*Self-compassion is the best tool to get you out of a self-judgment loop in your head.

*Be grateful and show your gratitude for friends, food, and lodgings. These are well earned privileges.

*Use what you have and let go of what no longer serves you.

*Be completely present for the people in your life. Tell them the truth.

A bump in my Summer Road on

*Show up for yourself. Give yourself opportunities to be proud of you.

*Give your wisdom away.

*Get outside as much as possible.

*Seek help for anything that you need.

*Create everyday.

Worked hard in the garden finishing up for the small Garden Party gathering I’m having next Sunday. The unveiling of my commitment to take back the disaster area that was my garden. I’m always at my best and most productive when I have guests coming and a party to prepare for.

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