The Truth of a Lie

It was bound to happen. My son delivered a bold face lie to my face. When I realized I said,”I knew you’d lie to your Dad but I never thought you’d do it to me.” Needless to say, he was very remorseful for disappointing me. And here’s the thing, we all make choices that are just not good.

The bad choices that we make can hurt others or just ourselves. They are the ones that make us cringe when we think about having made them. And we all make them.

the truth of a lie on

So the next day, I asked my son to tell his sister what he’s done. Why he wanted to know. Hadn’t he suffered enough already? I said because the only way you will get beyond the shame of making a bad decision is to own it. You have to claim your mistake and no one can ever use it against you again. I’m not sure he gets it yet. But you do.

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