Fits and Spurts of Holiday Happenings

Christmas gives me such clarity. Doing all the necessary Christmas tasks and I feel plugged in and purposed. It gives me a legitimate excuse to not dwell on all the career procrastination I’m doing. I just want to decorate and cook and entertain.

I notice though, that even in my holiday frenzy and event planning, I hit walls. I lost energy and inspiration while decorating the house the other day. And I wanted to feel bummed until I remembered that this has happened before.

We have only so much energy and inspiration to spend in one day. So it is wise to remember you can have permission to stop. You re allowed to be uninspired and return at a later time with renewed inspiration and sense of excitement. I give you permission if you can not give it to yourself.Fits and Spurts of Holiday Happenings on

I came back with an idea to use the old brick paper behind my bar and it looks great. And although the tree wasn’t inspired, it’s up and decorated and sometimes, good enough has to be good enough. I have a little more time to poke at the decorations before we swing into full Nutcracker rehearsals and cooking cooking cooking. Women bear such a responsibility for the happiness of our families especially at the holidays. I hope we all find pockets of blessed moments within the madness.

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