Listen Gently and Intently

Autumn is knocking so gently on my door. And I’m listening to its rhythm. It asks, let in the air. It says a clean slate awaits. Forgiveness is in the cooling air. Turn in and listen.

I am listening to myself so very hard. Not to the chattering of do’s and don’ts but to the real words behind the fret and worry. What truly am I asking. And I wait for the truth of my answer. My fear comes forward. And I wait compassionately patiently to hear it out for these are the child’s worries. The shadow people’s words.Listen Gently and Intently on

I know when I’ve hit the truth squarely. I know the fear I am expressing. And I lean in and kneel with all the love and kindness I can bring into this moment and I say, “That may happen. No one may talk to you or they may laugh at you or you may feel ugly and vulnerable but it won’t lose you your truest friends. Your people will always love you just as you are. “ Your inner child knows when she’s being fooled or not. She knows when she’s got your truth. Respect her fear and then firmly disprove it and distract her with ‘what ifs’. What if the most beautiful rainbow came out just as you finished your scary task. Or you found out your favorite friend was coming to visit you for your birthday to reward you for all that hard work?Listen Gently and Intently on

Only if you listen to yourself would you know what being the truest you feels like. And only when you act that truth out do you get to feel the acceptance of you in the world by yourself and your tribe and you’ve then come full circle. Listen gently but listen intently. Honor your voice as soft as it is because your intuition is the truest knowing you will ever know.

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