Ooh Baby Baby



The epic story is this. Boy met girl and girl met boy and there were flowers everywhere.  Fun and merriment ensued and eventually a baby made them three. And  happily they all lived until the girl worried was this to be the only baby. And in a feat of miraculous proportions, girl manifests her hearts desire as the last grains of sand leave the hourglass.



On March 5th, the girl who is me, gave birth to a little girl at 4:47am at the Memorial Hospital at Easton, Maryland in the USA. I was surprised and delighted she was a GIRL and her name had always been Fiona Marie Peach. She’s a charmer. And I’m told beautiful for a newborn.

The nursing staff were dutiful. And I owe a great deal to nurse Kelly who cared for me until the baby was out. And she was the lucky one to give her the first bath. Nurse Shannon was funny and sweet took care of the baby and me through the next night so I could get those meager few hours of sleep. And nurse Connie was my advocate to get me released from the hospital early so I could come home and find the beginnings of my zen with a newborn.



To say that this baby has brought joy to many would only be the a preface to a life I know will spread happiness beyond the expectations of her parents and family. There’s something about this Wee Fiona.

Or maybe newborns seem to promise HOPE to everyone in their presence. I now get it daily. It’s doing wonders for my complexion.

Shalagh and Fiona several hours after the birth.